Affordable Volunteer Abroad Programs

Volunteer in a foreign country, have a unique experience and spend less! The affordable volunteer abroad programs of IKPVA started in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, and now offer affordable volunteering in Nepal, South Africa, Costa Rica, Peru, Uganda, Ghana, India, Cambodia, Argentina, Ecuador, Kenya, Tanzania and Thailand.

Volunteer Trips to Africa

Go for an African Adventure and volunteer with the Big Five and Elephants in South Africa. Or go on a Trip to Tanzania to coach young students playing football. In Uganda you may build a spring well in a village, or teach English at school. There are many opportunities in these fascinating countries.

Affordable Volunteer Abroad Programs

“I couldn’t believe that a program so affordable could go above and beyond my expectations.” - Jessica, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
"I would HIGHLY recommend this volunteer experience. I did lots of research going into this trying to find the most affordable program, and Iko Poran was definitely the most affordable. I was doing the same volunteer work as volunteers from all over the world, but I was paying much less money to do so." Paige

Share Love and Joy

"The hostel staff and life was amazing they made me feel right at home and I met awesome people there through my whole stay, the fellow volunteers still feels like family to me, I had enough open time to check out other projects out as well and see Rio by myself!" – Evan (Pretoria, South Africa)

Africa Animal Conservation Volunteering

If you’d like to volunteer hands-on with animals, IKPVA has animal conservation programs available: Big Five volunteering in South Africa, saving baby sea turtles in Costa Rica, elephant experience in Nepal and Thailand, where you’ll help protect animals in sanctuaries as well as through research and monitoring endangered species in the wild.

Perfectly organized

"Everything was perfectly organised, when I came, Felipe was waiting for me at the airport and took me to the hostel. I was nicely surprised the hostel was clean and as I was in my room just with volunteers, I did not need to be worried about my things when I was not there. All the people there were very friendly and kind." – Barbara (Prague)

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Volunteer Testimonials & Latest News

Find here testimonials from volunteers and news.

Adriana Puiggros: In Love with Brazil
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Dec 12, 2017

Adriana fell in love with Brazil

Adriana Puiggros has been volunteering with children in one of Rio de Janeiro's favelas, and she fell in love with Brazil: Risking my life, inve

Popular childcare volunteer programs
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Dec 1, 2017

Most Popular Childcare Volunteer Abroad Programs

Find here some of the popular childcare volunteer abroad destinations, where our volunteers live a rewarding, unforgettable experience. Probably,

Mariana Oliveira com as crianças da escolinha
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Nov 28, 2017

Mariana Oliveira brings gifts for donation to the Crèche in South Africa

Mariana Oliveira, who has been volunteering with the children in South Africa, now has brought a the gifts for donation to the Crèche: Today wh

Voluntour in Thailand
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Nov 25, 2017

Voluntour in Thailand this summer

Volunteer with Elephants in Surin and Enjoy Koh Phangan Island with the Voluntour Program! With the Voluntour in Thailand program we offer you t

Teaching English in Iquitos
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Nov 17, 2017

Teaching English in Iquitos, Peru – Marco Fiorito

Over the last September, I volunteered for 2 weeks as a teaching assistant in Padre Cocha, a small community located at 20 min by boat from Iquit

Mariana Oliveira: Amor, Felicidade e Simplicidade
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Nov 17, 2017

Amor, Felicidade e Simplicidade – Childcare in South Africa

Eu não tenho palavras para expressar os meus sentimentos... Talvez amor, felicidade e simplicidade sejam elas. Trabalho voluntário ❤️❤

Art and Dance Volunteer in Rio
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Nov 6, 2017

Volunteering in Rio de Janeiro with Teaching English, Art and Dance

I spent the month of October working with Iko Poran in Rio de Janeiro on projects teaching English, Art, and Dance. I met some wonderful pe

Volunteering in Rio
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Nov 5, 2017

Volunteering in Rio – Rewarding Experience

Just completed a month of volunteering in Rio de Janeiro with Iko Poran. I worked in programmes in teaching English, Art, and Dancing. It felt go

Carnival Volunteer in Rio de Janeiro
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Oct 23, 2017

Carnival Volunteer in Rio at a Samba School

Go for a very special trip as a Carnival Volunteer in Rio and participate in the preparations at Samba School. Therefore you will experience Ca

Africa Animal Volunteer Programs
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Oct 10, 2017

Africa Animal Volunteer Programs

To participate in one of the Africa animal volunteer programs can be a joyful and rewarding experience. To get hands on and volunteer with these

Urban Environmentalism Program at Tijuca Rainforest in Rio de Janeiro
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Oct 3, 2017

Urban Environmentalism Program in Rio de Janeiro – Elisa

So far I have had a wonderful experience volunteering in Rio de Janeiro with Iko Poran's Urban Environmentalism program. I am half way through my

Paige Bird Saving Sea Turtles in Costa Rica
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Oct 3, 2017

Paige Bird Saving Sea Turtles in Costa Rica – Interview

Paige Bird is a junior in college at Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne. She is a communication major seeking a career in journali