Affordable Volunteer Abroad Programs

Volunteer in a foreign country, have a unique experience and spend less! The affordable volunteer abroad programs of IKPVA started in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, and now offer affordable volunteering in Nepal, South Africa, Costa Rica, Peru, Uganda, Ghana, India, Cambodia, Argentina, Ecuador, Kenya, Tanzania and Thailand.

Volunteer Trips to Africa

Go for an African Adventure and volunteer with the Big Five and Elephants in South Africa. Or go on a Trip to Tanzania to coach young students playing football. In Uganda you may build a spring well in a village, or teach English at school. There are many opportunities in these fascinating countries.

Affordable Volunteer Abroad Programs

“I couldn’t believe that a program so affordable could go above and beyond my expectations.” - Jessica, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
"I would HIGHLY recommend this volunteer experience. I did lots of research going into this trying to find the most affordable program, and Iko Poran was definitely the most affordable. I was doing the same volunteer work as volunteers from all over the world, but I was paying much less money to do so." Paige

Share Love and Joy

"The hostel staff and life was amazing they made me feel right at home and I met awesome people there through my whole stay, the fellow volunteers still feels like family to me, I had enough open time to check out other projects out as well and see Rio by myself!" – Evan (Pretoria, South Africa)

Africa Animal Conservation Volunteering

If you’d like to volunteer hands-on with animals, IKPVA has animal conservation programs available: Big Five volunteering in South Africa, saving baby sea turtles in Costa Rica, elephant experience in Nepal and Thailand, where you’ll help protect animals in sanctuaries as well as through research and monitoring endangered species in the wild.

Perfectly organized

"Everything was perfectly organised, when I came, Felipe was waiting for me at the airport and took me to the hostel. I was nicely surprised the hostel was clean and as I was in my room just with volunteers, I did not need to be worried about my things when I was not there. All the people there were very friendly and kind." – Barbara (Prague)

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Volunteer Testimonials & Latest News

Find here testimonials from volunteers and news.

Veterinary Internship in South Africa
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Mar 24, 2018

Veterinary Internship at a Five Star Game Reserve in South Africa

When you are passionate about animals, work as a volunteer with the African Wildlife and join our veterinary science internship project. The Proj

Odette Crisp volunteering on Women Empowerment in India
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Mar 18, 2018

Odette Crisp volunteering on Women Empowerment in India

Odette Crisp, volunteer from Australia, working hard in two projects in India: Women Empowerment and Teaching Kids. Way to go Odette!! Women Em

Nikita Barnard Volunteering on Costa Rica's beautiful coast
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Mar 18, 2018

Volunteering on Costa Rica’s Beautiful Coast – Saving Sea Turtles

I had an amazing time volunteering on Costa Rica’s beautiful coast. Where at night we went on patrols to search for nests/turtles, scare off po

Teaching Young Monks at a Monastery in Nepal
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Mar 16, 2018

Teaching Young Monks in Nepal – Fernando Castillo

Fernando del Castillo, from Spain, teaching young monks in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal. Great work Fernando, thank you very much!! Buddhist

Lindsey Willis and Nathan volunteering in Argentina
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Feb 27, 2018

Community Development – Volunteering in Argentina and now in Brazil

My fiancé and I had an incredible experience volunteering in Argentina and now in Brazil. Our project in Buenos Aires was in a very special comm

Nathan Nabatoff Volunteering in Argentina
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Feb 24, 2018

Amazing experience with some of the greatest people.

Nathan working on a building Amazing experience with some of the greatest people. The local coordinators and the local organization were

Antonia Bozzolo Teaching in Nepal
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Feb 24, 2018

Teaching in Kathmandu – Amazing Experience!

I spend a month teaching in a school in Kathmandu Nepal. It is an amazing experience, especially if you want to put your teaching skills on the

Teaching English in a Buddhist Monastery
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Jan 31, 2018

Teaching English in a monastery in Kathmandu: an experience to remember!

Teaching English to the child/junior monks at the Monastery has been an interesting, inspiring and educational experience for me. I only hope

Mariana volunteering in South Africa
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Jan 31, 2018

The best experiences of my life!

On November of 2017 I had one of the best experiences of my life doing volunteer work with children in Masiphumelele Township, South Africa. The

Free Sightseeing in Jaipur, India
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Jan 27, 2018

Free Sightseeing in Jaipur for our Volunteers in India

This May, June and July we offer free sightseeing in Jaipur for all our volunteers in India! In order to introduce you to the Indian culture,

Lea's volunteer trip to India
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Jan 3, 2018

Lea’s Volunteer Trip to India: Incredible, Unexpected and Beautiful!

Lea describes her volunteer trip to India. When asked, if she could describe her experience with three words, she would say: "Incredible, unexpec

New Year Volunteers in Rio de Janeiro
ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad Jan 2, 2018

New Year volunteers in Rio de Janeiro

New Year volunteers in Rio de Janeiro. Happy 😃 2018 and Welcome to Brazil. Felipe Murray with his volunteers on Escadaria Selarón in La