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Volunteers make the World a Better Place

Get inspired by some of the photos of Iko Poran Volunteers in many countries working for a better world.

Paige working with sea turtles in Costa Rica

Paige working with sea turtles in Costa Rica

Paige working with sea turtles in Costa Rica

I had a fantastic time in Costa Rica with the turtles and I met many people and created memories I will never forget. I definitely recommend Iko Poran and the Sea Turtle experiece in Costa Rica and I cannot wait until I volunteer with them again. Pura Vida! – Paige, 19 years old, Costa Rica

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Helping Orphaned Vervet Monkeys in South Africa

Gijs van Suijlichem volunteering with monkeys in South Africa

Gijs van Suijlichem volunteering with monkeys in South Africa

“I’m having a wonderful time here and there is nothing that I don’t like.”
Gijs van Suijlichem has been volunteering in South Africa on Vervet Monkeys




The most wonderful experience

Most wonderful Experience

Cris Queiroga teaching English in South Africa – Kids saying goodbye

Travelling to South Africa as a volunteer was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life.
Felipe and Allie were very nice since the beggining of the process. They were very supportive.
They accomplish what they promise.
Teaching in Doreen was the best experience I´ve has as an English teacher. You learn a lot from the kids. Everyone at creche is so nice to you.
If I could give anyone´s advice I would say: Be a volunteer in South Africa. It´s worth. – Cristina Queiroga, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

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Best experience of my life -Samantha in Kenya

Best Experience of my Life

Samantha in Kenya

Just being there with the people was a life changing experience, I had the best time in Cannan Orphanage, the kids are the most beautiful kids I´ve ever seen, teaching them and playing with them was so fulfilling. Also the country is beautiful, in the weekends I would book tours and excursions around Mombassa and see everything Kenya has to offer. At the end I left like a different person, it was by far the best 4 months of my life. Because of that experience i decided to go into Clinical Nutrition in university and do more volunteering like this in the future. – Samantha from Mexico City

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I really felt like a family – volunteering in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Sports ProgramWith the city of Buenos Aires just a half an hour train away as well as other day trips such as Tigre and Temaiken close too, San Isidro offers not just a great support scheme for young affected children, through the Fundación Cor program, but also offers a great location to spend your time during the program.

With a range of children from about 4 months to 13 years it really felt like a family here – which is precisely what those kids need. That and a bit of love and attention of course. I felt a real connection with not just the kids but also the super caring staff.

This program really must be considered by anyone with an interest for volunteering or just putting a smile on the faces that need it most. – Matt, 19 years old, West Sussex, England 

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Teaching English in Nepal to Young Monks at a Monastery

Teaching English in Nepal: our Hungarian volunteer Zita Szederkényi with some of her pupils of the Teaching English in a Buddhist Monastery program in Nepal.

Teaching English in Nepal – Volunteer Program Details

Location: Aarubari, Jorpati, Kathmandu

Accommodation: Monastery for male volunteers; Nunnery for female volunteers

Orientation: Takes place on the first day and includes introduction to the project location and rules and regulations of the monastery. Participants will be introduced to the basic Nepali language and greetings.

Feel inspired to be a volunteer in Nepal?

Find out more about affordable volunteering in Nepal.

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