Volunteering on Childcare in Argentina – Irena Dimitrijevic

Volunteering on Childcare in Argentina

Irena Dimitrijevic, our Serbian volunteer in Argentina, organizating the Christmas tree in the childcare / orphanage volunteer program.

Volunteering on Childcare in Argentina

This is an orphanage in a poor village located in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. Around 20 children aged 4 to 18 live there while waiting for adoption or returning to their families. It is a humble house, but surrounded by a large field.

Volunteers are very needed to organize all types of activities – be creative! You can teach them arts & crafts, English, plan outdoors activities, organize a theater play or dance workshop, etc.

They are more than open to anything you want to offer. Most importantly, they need care and affection.

With the right effort and ideas, you can really help them change their live paths. Are you up for it? Come and join to leave your mark!

Join the Argentina volunteer program….

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