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Volunteering in Uganda on Construction – Zach Luster

Zach Luster volunteering in Uganda

“This is an experience that will hold forever. I was able to bring water to those in need.” – Zach Luster, volunteering in Uganda

Construction and Renovation Volunteer Programs in Uganda

Volunteer in Uganda in our construction and renovation programs. Although Uganda is endowed with abundance of natural resources, it remains a least developed country, with the lowest indicators of socio-economic development, due to extensive political and social corruption, and extreme poverty. The most affected population is the majority Ugandans who live in rural areas with poor infrastructures. Often roads, schools and health centres are extremely poor, with no clean water and poor sanitation.

Building Homes and Schools,  providing Infrastructure and Water

Volunteeri in Uganda on Construction
Volunteering on Construction in Uganda

There’s urgent need of volunteers to boost the basic facilities and infrastructure for the people in poverty stricken communities. Projects vary from constructing and repairing houses, schools, care and health centres, toilets, and clean water sources for deprived local people; to learning traditional building techniques as well as initiating new appropriate and environmental friendly building skills. IKPVA’s construction volunteer programs in Uganda offer participants both a valuable life-changing experience and an opportunity to make a difference.

Building Homes with Traditional Methods and Natural Materials

Volunteers in this field work in manual labour jobs alongside skilled and unskilled local builders to help with the construction work. The buildings are made using traditional methods and locally sourced materials. The construction techniques are also simple to master and are ideal for sites with limited facilities. No electricity is available at the site everything is done manually! Participants’ task can include digging foundations, mixing cement, building walls, constructing a roof either with grass or iron sheets/tiles, plastering, painting and white-washing, landscaping, digging of trenches, refurbishing sports fields, brick laying, and construction of local huts. Please note: volunteers do not need to be qualified or experienced to participate in these projects, however volunteers with special expertise are highly preferred.

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