One of the best experiences of my life!

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Volunteering in Rio with Iko Poran was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I came to Rio to study Sociology abroad but wanted to stay longer in order to further immerse myself in the culture and make a social impact, so I decided to volunteer with Iko Poran for two weeks after […]

Organic Farming

Volunteer with Organic Farming in Ecuador

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In addition to everyday family opportunities in town such as feeding animals, hand-milking cows, cultivating vegetables in the organic community farm and weeding gardens, working in the plant nursery, creating footpaths in the cloud forest, the community has several specialised farming volunteer opportunities.

Katrijn - Child Development Program in Rio de Janeiro

Child development program in Rio de Janeiro

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I was volunteering in Rio de Janeiro for only two weeks. My plan was to travel afterwards, so that’s why I only stayed in Rio for such a long time. Child Development Program – I had a great time! I had a great time! It started by getting picked up by Felipe at the airport, […]

Football Coaching in Brazil

Football Coaching Volunteering Abroad

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Football coaching is great opportunity for volunteers to motivate young boys (and sometimes, girls). As a volunteer, you will help them creating team spirit, developing discipline and creativity. A basic quality of football is its simplicity: in many coutries in the world you can see children kicking the ball. Therefore, the project can easily be […]

Sports Volunteering in Argentina

Football Coaching in Argentina: Sports Volunteering in Buenos Aires

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Travel for sports volunteering in Argentina: in our football coaching project, you may help us discover the new Messi!! Teach Soccer, Hockey and Handball to 400 Children from La Cava, San Isidro This project offers sport activities (soccer, hockey, handball) to 400 children (boys and girls) from La Cava, a very poor neighbourhood in San […]

Women Empowerment in India

Women Empowerment in India

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Volunteer with Women Empowerment in India with IKPVA providing sustainable development opportunities to girls and women. In this project you will be placed in one of the local NGOs operating in the urban, semi-urban & rural areas of Jaipur. There, you will be working as avolunteer in the fields of awareness, counseling and empowerment of […]

Teaching English in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Teaching English in Rio de Janeiro

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Volunteer in Brazil and  teaching English in Rio de Janeiro, learning Portuguese, and providing access to one of the world’s most spoken languages. This incredible volunteer project allows for much more than a standard teaching job. While teaching English in Rio, you will be fully submerged into the culture of the Brazilian people – and will end […]

Volunteer in Uganda on the IT and Computer Project

Volunteer in Uganda with the IT and Computer Project

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Volunteer in Uganda in our IT program and open a new world to students and teachers. Uganda faces the same challenges as most developing economies, the poorly developed ICT infrastructure. Rural Areas suffer from largely poor communications infrastructure and  limited electricity coverage. These factors constrain connectivity and internet access for the population. Setting up a computer […]

Volunteer with Childcare in Thailand

Childcare Volunteering in Thailand – Surin

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Have a unique experience with childcare volunteering in Thailand at beautiful Surin. You will start your volunteer work at a local temple childcare centre in Surin that provides support to a poor, rural community, by allowing parents and family members to go to work during the day to earn a living. By giving your time […]