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Learn to Surf and help children in wonderful Cape Town, South Africa

Learn to surf in South Africa

Learn to surf in South Africa and volunteer to help underprivileged children at Muizenberg, close to Cape Town.

The volunteer program takes place in Muizenberg, Cape Town. The place is renowned for its gentle rolling waves just calling out to be ridden, you will be learning to surf in one of the best places in the world. The surf is free from rips and currents, giving you the safest & best opportunity to hone your skills – it’s not as easy as it looks!

Learn to Surf on the Gently Rolling Waves of Muizenberg, Cape Town

Learn To Surf and Help Children in South Africa
A young boy surfing on the waves of Muizenberg

You will first learn the art of surfing, along with the addictive and electrifying feeling that comes with riding a wave all the way into the shore; then you will be working will kids from the disadvantaged areas surrounding Muizenburg, teaching them how to surf.

These are bright, enthusiastic children who have been unfortunate to grow up in underprivileged communities. Their upbringing will often have been marred by violence and tragedy, as well as limited access to money. This is why your volunteer work is so important, as it gives them the chance to get away from all of that; to spend a few carefree, laughter-filled hours in the water, where they can have fun and make friends.  It provides them with a freedom that really is priceless and makes a huge impact on their lives.

This is only made possible through the help of volunteers like you. You will get to spend sun-soaked days on the beautiful beaches of South Africa, while giving new experiences and skills to these wonderful kids, letting them escape the difficulties of their lives and helping to broaden their horizons.

In your free time you will also be able to explore all the amazing places in Cape Town with the city right at your feet.

Qualifications and requirements for the Surf Project in South Africa:

  • You must be 18+ years old.
  • You should provide a CV & Motivational letter.
  • You need to be caring and ready to give back – You should love spending time with children.
  • If you’ve got your own wetsuit, bring it along. The weather can become quite cold, especially during the winter months of May to September. If not, you will be provided with one.
  • You are asked to please bring your laptop and camera, if possible, so as to be able to help with administration tasks; working in the office, blogging, social networking, coming up with new ideas to improve the project and other helpful tasks.

Want to Participate in the Surf Project?

Find the complete information about volunteering in South Africa.

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