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Teaching English in Ghana

Teachiing English in Ghana

Volunteer teaching English in Ghana and support the local teachers at the schools run by the children’s homes. The volunteer work teaching English to the children, is best fun and will give the bes result, when the volunteers are paired with local teachers. Once accepted into our program, we will work with you to choose the subjects that you are best suited to teach. Additionally, we will match you to appropriate grade levels based on your interest and the needs of the school. The schools serve students from nursery to junior high school levels.

Volunteer Work during the Week, leaving the Weekends Free

Teaching Enlgihs in Ghana - Young Teacher at School
Young Teacher at School

As a teacher, your working schedule will be Monday thru Friday, leaving the weekends free to travel. In addition to teaching, you will support the tutoring efforts of youth at the children’s home in the evenings on weekdays. It is very common for volunteers to combine programs, and do both childcare and teaching during their service to make the most of their time, as your afternoons and evenings will be free after teaching.

Want to Volunteer Teaching English in Ghana?

Find out everything about volunteer work in Ghana here.  You will find all the detailed information, what is provided with the program, requirements and costs. From there, you may proceed with your application as a Ghana volunteer.

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