Volunteer Teaching English in Thailand

Teaching English in Thailand

Volunteer teaching English in Thailand, at Surin in a rural Thai school. With the support of a bilingual coordinator you will plan and teach English classes to children aged 5-16, though the majority of your time will be spent working in primary schools with students aged 5-12.

English is an Important Subject at Thai Schools

Teaching English in Thailand, Surin
Teaching English in Surin

Forming part of the core curriculum, English is an important subject in Thai schools and can allow access to a wide range of further opportunities. Students who advance well with their English language skills are at a great advantage when moving on to higher education or finding employment.

Native Speakers Teaching English in Thailand

In recent years the emphasis has changed in relation to teaching English within the Thai School System, moving away from an often unfeasible focus on advanced grammar towards the incorporation of native English speakers into classes and a focus on communication.

Volunteers Teach English as Native Speaker in Rural Schools

Many rural schools do not have sufficient funding to employ a full-time native English speaker. That’s where you as a volunteer will fill in the gap and give the children the opportunity to learn from a native speaker. The aim of your stay will be improving the communication skills of the children and encouraging a fun learning environment in the language classes.

You will be expected to plan your own lessons upon a range of topics provided, you will be given plenty of preparation time and will have advice and lesson materials available to help you. In exchange for this amazing work you will have the opportunity to learn about rural Thai culture and experience an amazing and unique side to this fascinating country.

Budget for Meals and Local Trips

Please budget US$ 10-15 per day for simple meals whilst in Surin and more for socializing / trips away.

Arrival airport: Bangkok international airport, Suvarnabhumi – BKK.

Many Volunteers tend to Extend their Stay well beyond the Original Plans – Be Prepared

The joyful lifestyle, rich culture and natural beauty inspire many visitors to extend their stay well beyond the original plans – so keep this in mind, when traveling as a volunteer to Thailand!

Volunteer in Thailand

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