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Volunteer with a Community Garden in Rio de Janeiro

Community Garden in Rio de Janeiro

If you enjoy the outdoors you can volunteer with a community garden in Rio de Janeiro. Volunteers help growing vegetables in the garden for the residents of a nearby favela. Mr. Áureo coordinates the project, where also the children of the community participate in the garden work.

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Here in the garden we grow everything for the community. When people need something, they can buy it or take it for free. They won’t leave with empty hands. The volunteers are doing a great job, they come and help us out. We exchange ideas. They teach us what they know and we teach them what we know as well – Seu Áureo, Project leader

What volunteers say about their experience:

We feel lucky we can work with Mr. Áureo, coordinator of the garden. He plans our daily tasks. Our work schedule. It’s very interesting. What I will remember from my experience here are the people. The people at Iko Poran and from the garden. And the interaction I’ve had with these people. – Santiago, volunteer from Argentina


Want to volunteer at a Community Garden in Rio de Janeiro?

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