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Volunteer in Uganda with the IT and Computer Project

Volunteer in Uganda on the IT and Computer Project

Volunteer in Uganda in our IT program and open a new world to students and teachers. Uganda faces the same challenges as most developing economies, the poorly developed ICT infrastructure. Rural Areas suffer from largely poor communications infrastructure and  limited electricity coverage. These factors constrain connectivity and internet access for the population. Setting up a computer labaratory involves high capital costs.

Teach Basic Computer Skills to the Teachers and Students at School

Majority of public and community schools do not have access to computers. The few schools with computer centres have only a limited number of computers, need skilled or qualified teachers. Volunteers in Uganda impart various practical computer skills to students in schools as well as their teachers, community youth, women. You will teach basic things, like how to turn a computer on and off and then explain use the internet for research and communication. After a while, you will start to explain software applications and systems such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  Please note, volunteers do not need to be qualified or experienced to participate on the computer project, however volunteers with special expertise are highly preferred.

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