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Africa Animal Volunteer Programs

Africa Animal Volunteer Programs

To participate in one of the Africa animal volunteer programs can be a joyful and rewarding experience. To get hands on and volunteer with these majestetic animals, like elephants or lions, is an exciting experience. However, most of us know the animals of the African Bush only from the Zoo or school books. Therefore, to come close to them and develop a deeper understanding is a unique opportunity.

Africa Animal Volunteer Programs – Overview

Big Five Volunteering in South Africa

Volunteer with Elephants in South AfricaWorking as a volunteer on Big Five Conservation, you will help protecting lions, leopards, elephants, buffolos and rhinoceroses in the African Bush.

Volunteering at the Big Five Game Reserve in South Africa

At the game reserve in South Africa you will carry out a spectrum of important tasks, including caring for the animals and monitoring in the African Bush. The nature of the volunteer work will vary according to the weather and season.

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Big Cat Conservation in South Africa

Join the Big Cat Conservation volunteer program in South Africa and work for a non- profit organization. Passion and love for the big cats will inspire your volunteer work to protect lions, leopards in the African Bush. The population of big cats in South Africa is being threatened by a high presence of bone trade and canned hunting, and poachers who hunt them for sport. They have also traditionally fallen victim to exploitation in captivity and face a constant and rapid loss of habitat as the land gets developed.

Big Cat Volunteering at the Animal Sanctuaries in South Africa

The best hopes for these magnificent animals are sanctuaries such as this one, providing a home to lions, tigers, panthers, caracals and jackals, which can offer them a protected home environment and which work hard to spread awareness within society of the problems that these creatures are facing, educating people on the hunting trade. We are of the opinion that all animals should be roaming the wild but, in reality, much of it has been destroyed and hunting disrupts delicate balance of the bush.

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Save the Vervet Monkeys in South Africa

Volunteering protecting Vervet Monkeys in South Africa
Volunteering protecting Vervet Monkeys in South Africa

Make part of the vervet monkeys animal conservation volunteer program in South Africa. There, you can help with the integration of the foster moms of 23 little orphans back into the troops.

Give a Loving Home to Orphaned Vervet Monkeys from other places…

Join the family at this amazing primate sanctuary. The special initiative aims to give a new loving home for orphaned  vervet monkeys come from near and far. Moreover, you will help to  rehabilitate the young primates and care for them until they can be released back into the wild.

With over 500 cheeky monkeys in care at any one time, this sanctuary always needs an extra pair of helping hands. With your participation you can help feed them well, and care for them with love and dedication. Finally, you will help raise funds to maintain the place up to scratch for its gorgeous guests.

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Unforgettable Experience with Elephants and Leopards in South Africa

Camille Volunteering with Elephants in South AfricaThis summer I had an unforgettable experience in South Africa. Thank you Iko Poran for this exceptional travel! Sure, I will do it again!- Camille Claus Marietti

Camille Clauss Marietti from France has been volunteering with animal conservation in South Africa. She has been working with leopards andh elephants and at the Dawn Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary.

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