Veterinary Internship at a Five Star Game Reserve in South Africa

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Veterinary Internship at a Five Star Game Reserve in South Africa

When you are passionate about animals, work as a volunteer with the African Wildlife and join our veterinary science internship project. The Project is located in an amazing five star game reserve  on the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The internship will allow you to really understand the intricacies of a veterinary specializing in African wildlife. During your stay, you’ll be working on everything from the Big Five to the smallest animals at the bottom of the food chain. Since all of the animals are living freely in their natural environment, they are encountering the hazards that come with it!

Since you’ll be working hand in hand with the professional vets on the reserve, you’ll gain hands-on experience caring for these animals. Moreover, you will also learn about animal management and prevention of disease and injuries.

Learn about African Wildlife in the Eastern Cape Game Reserve

At this beautiful Eastern Cape game reserve, you’ll spend two fascinating weeks working with the local wildlife including big cats, elephant, antelope, giraffe and countless bird and small mammal species, and enjoying lectures and hands-on conservation management tasks.

Take Part in African Wildlife Captures

You are likely to find yourself taking part in exciting African wildlife captures, observing how the team dart, sedate, inoculate and examine animals. You’ll spend most days assisting the vets with animal care and rehabilitation in the clinic as well as heading out on emergency calls when necessary.

Work hours are usually from 07.30 to 16.30, Monday to Friday. You’ll need to wear comfortable clothes in neutral colours such as beige, khaki, brown and olive green, and comfortable shoes such as hiking boots.

Some of the Experiences on the Veterinary Internship

  • Learning about the treatment and management of African wildlife
  • Rearing orphaned wild animals.
  • Working alongside trained professionals in this fascinating speciality.
  • Experiencing life in the African bush.

Qualifications and Experience required 

  • Grade 12 certificate
  • CV, including certification of any completed courses
  • You’ll need to wear comfortable clothes in neutral colours such as beige, khaki, brown and olive green, and comfortable shoes such as hiking boots.

Accommodation & Meals

Accommodation: Shared dormitory room in volunteer house, same sex rooms

There are two comfortable houses on offer. Both have single sex dorm sleeping arrangements. Bathrooms have hot, running water, showers and regular flush loos. There’s also a lounge area, kitchen area, library area fireplace and entertainment facilities. You’ll be only a short distance from the shops and beach. Nearby you’ll find a swimming pool, tennis courts and cricket field.


Your meals are all provided and you’ll never go hungry!

Breakfasts usually consist of cereals, bread, butter, jam, tea, coffee and cheese, but
sometimes there are eggs, sausages or baked beans, and sometimes a combination
of the above.

For lunch and dinner there’s a wide variety ranging from burgers, chicken and chips, vegetarian dishes, potato casserole and so on.


Please note this is an Alcohol Free reserve – however you will be able to drink on weekends offsite

Facilities and the area

  • Laundry services are available on a Tuesday or Thursday at a nominal fee.
  • This is not a malaria area but it is advisable to bring insect repellent and a mosquito net to prevent irritation.
  • Free wifi is available although bush internet can be erratic.
  • Bedding is provided but bring a sleeping bag for away weekends and extra warmth.
  • Bring along a towel
  • There are public telephones available for use at the reserve. Telephone cards can be obtained from the local shop. There is also Mobile phone signal.

On weekends you will be able to go visit the surrounding areas and towns such Grahamstown and Port Elizabeth to experience the golden beaches, beautiful Garden Route, world class surfing and other game reserves. Or you can stay and relax by the pool at the reserve.

Make a Dream Come True

Are you passionate about animals and their care? If you’re considering a career in Veterinary Science, or are already in training and in need of some hands-on, practical experience, we’ve got the most amazing opportunity for you. Our Veterinary Internship Program gives interns a chance to experience hands-on veterinary work and get in-depth insight into animal management in an African game reserve setting.

Living your passion, working with animals in the awesome African bush – you’re going to have the best internship experience you could dream of.

Feel inspired?

Go to our page with the volunteer programs in South Africa an proceed with your application.

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