Women Empowerment in Ethiopia: Volunteer Work with the Female Students at the Hostel

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Women Empowerment in Ethiopia: Volunteer Work with the Female Students at the Hostel

If you want to stand up for Women’s rights, volunteer on women empowerment in Ethiopia with Iko Poran!

Volunteer on women’s empowerment in Ethiopia with Iko Poran! You will be teaching life-skills and English to the hostel female students, to allow for them to grow personally and professionally. You will make it easier for the young women to access education, and help improving their future emplyoment opportunities.

Teaching Life-Skills to Young Women

With this volunteer placement, you will be working in the fields of awareness, counseling and empowerment of the young female students. With your volunteer work you will also help to provide sustainable development opportunities to the hostel female students, who consequently will pass what they learned to their colleagues, friends, mothers, grandmothers and other female family members – through education and motivation.

Raising the Awareness for Women Empowerment in Ethiopia

There are regular rallies and marches to help raise awareness among women about their rights & justice. Seminars are organized to raise voices against domestic violence, eve-teasing (cat-calling) & harassment. Counseling surveys can be done to serve the purpose of the programs. There are regular classes to educate these women to make them self-independent. In Ethiopia most of the women bear violence and harassment because of dependence on their husbands and fear for their families. So becoming self-dependent is the first step to stop all violence and harassment.

Some Ways, you can  Help Women In this Project:

  • Assisting the instructor in special activities organized for women like sewing, stitching
  • Teaching the women English and general mathematics
  • Teaching them about culinary hygiene & educating them about women rights
  • Helping the females in exploring the new ways of earning money & becoming financially independent
  • Teaching them about preparing a Hostel Budget
  • Helping the students in documentation
  • How to build self-confidence and overcome shyness
  • Educating them about how to obtain a loan to start their own small ventures
  • Built self-esteem and providing emotional support

This is a fantastic opportunity to work alongside strong and effective women, helping in the process of improving the social position of the women and raising awareness of the importance of feminism in a country where many women are still very much treated as inferior. During your stay, you will get to explore this beautiful country and the Ethiopia way of life. This is your chance to make an impact in someone’s life. This project is perfect for anyone who believes in equality.

Do you want to empower the young women at the hostel in Addis Ababa?

Find the full information about volunteer work in Ethiopia on our Homepage Iko Poran, and also how to sign up for the program!

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