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Marine Conservation Volunteering in Kenya

Kenya prides itself of a rich marine life, and you can work as a volunteer with us on marine conservation. If you are used to work indepently, with initiative, this fascinating animal conservation project is for you.

Rich marine life along Kenya’s coastline

In Kenya’s litoral you can even find dolphins, who need to be protected. Our main goal with this environmental project is introducing you to the fascinating marine life in Kenya and to develop environmental initiatives to preserve the fauna in the ocean. With your volunteer work you also can further sustainable tourism in order to show the natural beauty to tourists, without destroying the environment. Join us for this adventure in Africa!

Tropical Fishes close to the Reef

The reef attracts an incredible range of fish, most of which are almost iridescent in colour and fantastically marked. Look out for the celestial blue and jade-green parrotfish, striped zebra fish, multi-coloured angelfish and the soup plate-sized butterfly fish. Clouds of tiny damselfish also often hover above the branching coral, and under deep ledges you may catch a glimpse of the magnificent lionfish with its mane of sharp spikes (a sting from this fish can be very painful). Hunting sharks, rays, turtle and starfish also hunt the reef.

Turtles and Dolphins on the Kenyan coastline

Kenya’s reef and lagoons also prove popular with the endangered green, hawksbill, loggerhead, Ridley and leatherback sea turtles. Dolphins too are regular visitors to the area and can be encountered singly or in schools, above and below the waves.

Requirements for Marine Conservation volunteers in Kenya

If you care about our environment and marine in general, this is the project for you. The acceptance to this project will be based on evaluation of your CV and discussion with the project coordinator. We highly appreciate, if you have experience and /or education based on social science, climate adaptation!

Want to volunteer on marine conservation in Kenya?

Find all the information about volunteering in Kenya here, and how to proceed with your application.

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Best experience of my life. Samantha in Kenya

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Saving the Urban Rainforest in Rio: Ecological Volunteering

Saving the Urban Rainforest in Rio de Janeiro is one of the most important ecological volunteer projects in Rio de Janeiro. Volunteers from all over the world joined in Rio de Janerio to help preserving the tropical forest – on the photo from left to right: Sabrina Ho, from China, Luca Klein, from Germany, George Wade, from Britain, Jawad Dabbour, from United States, Radek Machowiec, from Polland, and 3 Brazilian Volunteers saving the forests of Brazil.

Floresta da Tijuca: Largest Urban Rainforest in the World

The Magnificent City (Cidade Maravilhosa) wouldn’t be the same, if it had not the largest urban rainforest as a green lung to breathe. And of course, there are beautiful hiking trails through the forest and upon the top of the mountains with breathtaking views. So, preserving the Rainforest in Rio is one of the most important ecological volunteer projects to work on!

Why the Ecological Volunteer Project is so important to save the Urban Rainforest in Rio de Janeiro

You can volunteer with the reforestaion project at The Tijuca National Forest in order to preserve the world’s largest urban rainforest. While you are volunteering on this project, you will be helping in the tree nursery. But there is more, what you can do:

  • counting species of tropical trees and typical plants
  • opening and cleaning hiking trails in the forest
  • cutting branches,
  • painting fences / signals,

among other activities.

Want to work as a volunteer in Rio de Janeiro?

Find here all the volunteer projects in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and how to sign up.

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ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad

Teaching Children in South Africa: Marsha from New York and Enzo from France

Enzo from France and Marsha from New York City enjoyed teaching children at Doreen’s Crèche in Cape Town South Africa. Both are teaching social development, maths, stories, counting and more. Marsha and Enzo had a lot of fun with the kids.

About the Childcare and Teaching Project in South Africa

As a child care volunteer you will be teaching and caring for beautiful children at Doreen’s Crèche. The well-established day care centre at Masiphumelele Township, around 45 minutes from central Cape Town.

The crèche receives over 60 children aged 3-6 during the day while their parents work to earn a living. You will take care of these dynamic and energetic children, which requires a lot of work. But your love and dedication will be greatly appreciated.

During your stay at Cape Town, you also will learn about township life, culture, and history.

How to work as a volunteer teaching children at the day care in South Africa

Visit our page with the Childcare Volunteer  Project at Doreen’s Crèche and proceed with your application. You also can find more volunteer projects in South Africa here. You may also have a look at our page with all childcare abroad programs in many countries.

More experiences from our volunteers in South Africa:

Michel teaching Samba in South Africa

Michel teaching Samba for the Children at a Daycare in South Africa

Michel has been teaching samba rhythms to the children of a daycare in Masiphumelele, Cape Town. The children enjoy playing ...
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Isabella Neves - Freiwillige Kindererzieherin in Südafrika

A dream come true: Isabella traveled to South Africa and cared for children in a kindergarten

This trip was first and foremost a dream come true, I had long wanted to visit South Africa and this ...
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Camilla Bartholomei Santos volunteering at Doreens Creche

Camilla has been Volunteering in a Creche with children in Cape town

I volunteered in a creche with children of 0 to 6 years old in Masiphumelele, a Township in Fish Hoek ...
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Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Older Adults

Have you ever wondered, what would be the best volunteer abroad options for older adults? Most of the volunteers seem to be still in their teens or twens, just leaving college and looking for an outstanding experience overseas before going to university. But, adventures and new cultural experiences are not just limited to young people! You might be astonished, how many volunteers we recently had, who are already between fifty or sixty years old.

And, as the story goes, especially older people can bring so much needed expertise and solid knowlegde to the people in developing countries! Sometimes even a mother comes with her elder son, or a whole family goes for family volunteering. Both generations join their efforts, combine adventure spirit and wisdom for a very special volunteer experience!

I have selected some outstanding examples which might inspire and encourage you for a volunteer adventure.

Karen's Volunteer trip to India

Karen’s Volunteer Trip to India: Friendly People, Solid Organisation, Unique Experience!

When Karen from Norway planned her volunteer trip to India about six months ago, she wanted to travel together with her elder son. While discussing the project, both agreed, that ...
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Claire: Women Empowerment in Jaipur

Interview with Claire: Women Empowerment in Jaipur

Claire came with Iko Poran to Jaipur, to work with a women empowerment project. She felt, she could offer something special for women who are illiterate and who have almost ...
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Nadir Oliveira volunteering in Tanzanina on Childcare

Nadir from Brazil enjoyed playing with the children at “The Orphanage” in Tanzania

Nadir Oliveira from Brazil has volunteered with the children of “The Orphanage” in Arusha, Tanzania and shares her beautiful experience: I’m from Brazil. I’ve had three unforgettable weeks working as ...
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Volunteering Program in Arusha Tanzania

Volunteering Program in Arusha Tanzania

I personaly taught English, Math, Music and dances, in several grades (2 to 7th) I had a very good relations with all the school personel and the kids. The satisfaction ...
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The Ratner family finishes the construction of a water fountain in Uganda

Building a Water Well and Pit Latrine in Uganda – Ratner Family from Israel

The Ratner family finishes the construction of a water well and pit latrine in Uganda. Thank you very much!! People like you make us believe that another world is possible!! ...
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