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Silvia from Portugal spent her Christmas helping children in Cusco, Peru

Silvia Malheiro Portugal in Cusco Peru Blog slide

Sílvia Malheiro, from Portugal, chose to spend her Christmas helping children in Cusco, and she is loving it.

How to help the Children in Cusco as a Childcare Volunteer

If you are looking for a truly inspiring workaway volunteer opportunity, try out our childcare program at a Kindergarten in Cuzco.

These daycares sometimes are called Wawa Wasi in Quechua as well.

The Quechua words means house of the kids. The Wawa Wasi National Peruvian Program provides comprehensive early childhood care to cover the need for day care for children under 4, children of working mothers or parents.

Moreover you can help children in Cuzco who are vulnerable, because they are living in conditions of extreme poverty.

Since the work with the children is so rewarding, you will begin to see life in a different way. With you voluntary work, you will give the chidren the chance to socialize, play and learn new skills in a safe area.

These day care centers desperately need volunteers because each of the team’s educators has to care for at least 8 children from 1 month to 4 years. So, you can fill in the gap and give the children more attention! Your role includes also to organize short indoor activities such as art & craft, reading fairytale stories, coloring, playing games, serving food, cleaning and tidying, etc.

Volunteers must have a lot of love and energy to give to these children, and can expect to receive the same in kind. A flexible attitude is also vital to making the most rewarding experience.

How you can help the children in Cusco

Visit the childcare project at a kindergarten in Cuzco. on our official homepage. Find the full information about volunteering projects in Peru and how to apply here. If you are interested in volunteering with children in more countries, find our childcare volunteer projects abroad.

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