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Caring for Orphaned Animals of the African Bush: Ricardo from Brazil

Ricardo Ramajo from Brazil has been caring for orphaned animals in the African Bush during his volunteer project on wildlife rehabilitation in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

It was a lot of fun. I made many friends and learned a lot. – Ricardo Rampajo, Brazil

Volunteering on Wildlife Rehabilitation in South Africa

If you decide to volunteer for the rehabilitation of wildlife in South Africa, you can take care of orphaned and injured animals of the African bush. Throughout your stay, you will live near these magnificent wildlife. You will develop a deeper understanding of African wildlife. While working on wildlife rehabilitation, you’ll have a unique experience that goes beyond the wildest dreams of most people.

Care for Orphaned Animals in the African Bush

During this voluntary journey into the African bush you will be fully dedicated to the rehabilitation of large and small wildlife in South Africa. At the same time, you spare neither time nor effort and make a valuable contribution to the conservation of endangered species from the African bush. Since you live in a nearby lodge, the song of African birds will wake you every morning. After breakfast, spend your days looking after the animals.

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Mathilde Steiness from Denmark enjoys Teaching in Ghana

Mathilde Steiness, a volunteer from Denmark, has been teaching in Ghana:

I’m super happy with the work and the program down here. I definitely acknowledge and see the need for help and aid. – Mathilde Steiness

How to Teach in Ghana as a volunteer?

Volunteer teaching English in Ghana supporting the already established local teachers at the schools run by the children’s homes. When the volunteers pair and team up with the local teachers, they will make success in the classroom. Once accepted into our program, we will work with you to choose the subjects that you are best suited to teach. Additionally, we will match you to appropriate grade levels based on your interest and the needs of the school. The schools serve students from nursery to junior high school levels.

How to become a volunteer teacher in Ghana?

Visit our volunteer teacher project in Ghana, and find all details how to sign up!

More volunteer experiences in Ghana

Loving Ghana! Jeanette Warthon

Loving Ghana, the kids are great! Child Care Volunteer in Ghana

Loving Ghana, the kids are great. Ghanaians are so friendly, everyday is a new experience. – Jeanette Warthon, from USA Child ...
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Teachiing English in Ghana

Teaching English in Ghana

Volunteer teaching English in Ghana and support the local teachers at the schools run by the children’s homes. The volunteer work ...
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Ghana Sports Development Program

Ghana Sports Development Volunteer Program

The sports development program in Ghana helps youth in the rural villages to foster their talents and focus on safe ...
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Child Development in Ghana

Ghana Childcare Program

When you volunteer in a Ghana childcare porgram, you will be considered a daily staff member, working Monday-Friday, with the ...
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Ghana Volunteer Porgrams

Volunteering in Ghana on the Sports Program

Ghana was 7th place in 2010 FIFA World Cup; They need you help to make it to Russia and Qatar ...
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Ghana needs volunteers

Ghana needs volunteers

Ghana needs volunteers! It will be your best travel experience at the most affordable fees with Iko Poran! Find out ...
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Caregiving and Teaching for Children at a Day Care in Cambodia

Caregiving and Teaching children in Cambodia. There are no words to describe the magic, the love, the kindness, and the gratitude you will experience. Apply today to volunteer abroad with Iko Poran. Your best travel is here 

Caregiving for Children at a Day Care in Cambodia

This project provides for you as a childcare volunteer in Cambodia a chance to make a difference to such deprived children by helping them on a day-to-day basis.

Your volunteer work schedule will include sanitation, learning, recreation and offering extracurricular activities such as drawing, painting, singing, and dancing.

The main objective of the childcare volunteer program is to bring mental, intellectual, physical and social improvement to  the orphans.

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Jessica Mansoto shares her love with children in Tanzania

Jessica Mansoto, from Brazil, is sharing her love with the children in Tanzania, with the child care volunteer project. We are happy to see, that many Brazilians now go for volunteering abroad! Nice work!   

Care for the children in Tanzania at an Orphanage in Arusha

This is an orphanage in an area situated at only 10 minutes from the hostel. Around 25 children aged 4 to 15 live there while waiting for adoption since all of them are orphans. The team at the orphanage offers more than just food, clothing, and shelter; they offer education and a loving home.

When you go ahead and organize all kind of activities for the children, they will greatly appreciate your creativity and dedication!  You can teach them arts & crafts, English, plan outdoors activities, organize a theatre play or dance workshop, etc. They are more than open to anything you want to offer. Also you can help in the kitchen, vegetable garden or in the farm. Most importantly, they need care and affection. With the right effort and ideas, you can really help them change their live paths. Are you up for it? Come and join to leave your mark!

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Advocating for Children in South Africa: Dr. Hugo Tolomei from Brazil

Dr. Hugo Tolomei, a lawyer from Brazil, advocating for children in South Africa. With lawyers like you we can surely build a better future, thank you very much!!

What else volunteers can do for the children apart from advocating

In Cape Town, South Africa, you can do volunteer work at Doreen’s Crèche, educating the children at the day care. Recently, two volunteer physicians from Brazil did even a health screen for the children.

If you are into therapy, or psychology, you can even work with occupational therapy for children with special needs. Moreover, there is a teaching internship available at a school on the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town.

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Health Screen of the Children in South Africa: Dr. Ana Elisa & Dr. Fernanda Rangel

Dr. Ana Elisa Pena & Dr. Fernanda Rangel de La Peña doing a health screen of the children in South Africa. Both physicians came as volunteer from Brazil 👏👏👏 Well done ladies!! The world needs more people like you 😄


Want to work as a medical volunteer in South Africa as well?

Visit our page with all the volunteer opportunities in South Africa, including health screening, volunteer work with children at Doreen’s Creche, a Marine Biology internship, wildlife veterinary internship and many more!

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