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Volunteering in Sri Lanka: Rewarding Projects in a Tropical Paradise

Join one of our projects for volunteering in Sri Lanka, a charming country with no equal in the world. In this tropical country with a smiling sun all year round and golden beaches, you can participate in fascinating and rewarding volunteer projects.

Volunteering in Sri Lanka at fascinating locations like Badulla or Colombo

You can choose between social and educational projects, an environmental volunteer program in the preservation of sea turtles or stages of medicine and psychology at the modern Hospital of Colombo.

After all, you can even participate in meditation at a Buddhist monastery.

Whatever voluntary program you choose, you will discover ancient cities, take in exciting safaris, and experience the rich and colorful culture. In addition, you can practice adventure sports and make friends with lovely people … where else can you get all this in one place?

Sri Lanka: a gem located at the Southern tip of India

As Sri Lanka is located at the tip of India, this small exotic island provides a tropical climate. The island reveals itself as gem that is abundant with wonderful discoveries for any tourist or volunteer. Whether it’s a journey of exploring the desert, a holiday of Ayurvedic well-being, a relaxing getaway in the sun, or even that quick business trip, there is something for everyone.

Read some reviews of our volunteers in Asia:

Nepal was Alice's favorite experience as a volunteer

You stay my Favorite. You are my Nepali family! – Alice from France

For Alice Garnier teaching in Nepal was her favorite as a volunteer, since she felt like a Nepali family.  What ...
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Valérie Medical Volunteering in Thailand

Valérie had a hands on Medical Volunteering Experience in Thailand

I participated in the Thailand Medical Volunteering project in Surin province and was placed at Takook Community Hospital. I had ...
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Patricia with her students in India

Teaching at school in India: Patricia and Rui from Portugal

Patricia Oliveira & Rui Falhas Santos have been teaching at school in India. Both volunteer teachers com from Portugal and ...
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Caregiving & Teaching in Cambodia

Caregiving and Teaching for Children at a Day Care in Cambodia

Caregiving and Teaching children in Cambodia. There are no words to describe the magic, the love, the kindness, and the ...
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Volunteering at a Buddhist Monastery

Volunteering at a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal was the Best Decision of my Life

I must say volunteering at a buddhist monastery in Nepal was the best decision of my life. Not only do ...
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Lailana Smith Australia caring for children in India

Lailana from Australia caring for children in India

We would like to thank Lailana Smith, who was caring for the children in Jaipur, India. Lailana came from Australia ...
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A dream come true: Isabella traveled to South Africa and cared for children in a kindergarten

This trip was first and foremost a dream come true, I had long wanted to visit South Africa and this country did not leave anything to wish for, was everything I expected and a little more. The voluntary work option came because I’m passionate about this type of trip, so I went to an NGO where most of the money was spent on the project and found Iko Poran, who also had the advantage of being much more into account that tourism companies that offer this kind of trip, I chose a project with children in a township, and then, with the tickets bought (TAAG airlines) I went to what would be the best and biggest adventure of my life.

My first days in Cape Town

Crianças na Creche de Doreen

A dream come true in South Africa

The first few days were quiet, I was introduced to the other residents of the house (who later became good friends) and then the next day I met the group of children I would be a volunteer teacher, I was received with shouts and celebrations, “teachá” was like they called me every day, it is impossible not to fall in love. The Township where I worked was called Masiphumelele, but called Masi affectionately, it was not the hostile and dangerous place they painted, so the importance of entering a culture before to judge her, as soon as I arrived, the transfer company’s own girl said that it was very dangerous to take the vans leaving from the townships, that was the transport I took every day and I never had any kind of problem, people from the townships are cheerful, friendly and very helpful and the children are very well cared for despite all the poverty that can not be denied that exists there.

Volunteer work at the day care center during the week and weekend trips

I worked about 3 hours a day in the morning and had the afternoon and the free weekends, I usually stayed with the other volunteers at home during the week and during the weekend we would make group tours to explore the region. In contrast with the poverty of Masi, it was the place where the volunteers’ residence was located, Fish Hoek, is a rich region and I did not suffer any kind of harassment or insecurity during the whole stay there, definitely a place I recommend, mainly for those who will stay longer, besides having one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in life. Fish Hoek is an hour by train from Cape Town and is 20 minutes from Muizenberg, one of the most famous beaches there and where are the largest surfing schools, I even took a chance and got waves, I got to stand on the board by 20 seconds, what for me is a win hahaha :D

Dream like Beaches: Penguin Beach near Cape Town

Praia dos Pinguins

Praia dos Pinguins

Because of the distance from the Cape Town sights, I only got to know two (yes, I did not go up to Table Mountain, I did not go to Robben Island or Cape of Good Hope) but I want to go back to do everything, I met the V & A Waterfront and to Boulder’s Beach, the famous Penguin Beach, I really enjoyed Cape Town and despite the reports of harassment and insecurity I was able to walk around quietly without any of it, my tip is: do everything in a group if possible and try to stay close to the tourist areas.

Trip to Jacobs Bay

In my penultimate week we made a trip to Jacobs Bay which was amazing, starting with the hostel called Jacobs Bay Backpackers and had a whole fairy tale, one of the most beautiful places I have ever stayed, no doubt. The beaches were indescribable and the Peaceful feeling was something present in any corner, very few tourists and much to be admired. The trip cost 600 rand (about 200 reais) per person, including car rental, gasoline, hostel and food, we were in a group of 9 people .

Dica para futuros voluntários na África do Sul

My tip for anyone who wants to do any kind of volunteer work, especially in South Africa is: ONLY GO! I hope it changes your life, just as it changed mine. – Isabella Neves, Brazil

Read Isabella’s original post on “Mochileiros” (portuguese).

Visit our project for volunteer work with children at Doreen’s Day Care, in Cape Town South Africa. There you also find, how to sign up!

More experiences from our volunteers in South Africa

Michel teaching Samba in South Africa

Michel teaching Samba for the Children at a Daycare in South Africa

Michel has been teaching samba rhythms to the children of a daycare in Masiphumelele, Cape Town. The children enjoy playing ...
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Rescue Cats and Dogs in Cape Town South Africa

Volunteer to Rescue Cats and Dogs in Cape Town

Animal Rescue Centre with Veterinary Services Make a difference for the lives of township dogs and cats in need as ...
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Camilla Bartholomei Santos volunteering at Doreens Creche

Camilla has been Volunteering in a Creche with children in Cape town

I volunteered in a creche with children of 0 to 6 years old in Masiphumelele, a Township in Fish Hoek ...
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Ricardo Ramajo orphaned animals

Caring for Orphaned Animals of the African Bush: Ricardo from Brazil

Ricardo Ramajo from Brazil has been caring for orphaned animals in the African Bush during his volunteer project on wildlife ...
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Hugo Tolomai lawyer Brazil advocating for children

Advocating for Children in South Africa: Dr. Hugo Tolomei from Brazil

Dr. Hugo Tolomei, a lawyer from Brazil, advocating for children in South Africa. With lawyers like you we can surely ...
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Ana Elisa Pena Dr Fernanda Rangel health Screening South Africa

Health Screen of the Children in South Africa: Dr. Ana Elisa & Dr. Fernanda Rangel

Dr. Ana Elisa Pena & Dr. Fernanda Rangel de La Peña doing a health screen of the children in South ...
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ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer to Rescue Cats and Dogs in Cape Town

Animal Rescue Centre with Veterinary Services

Make a difference for the lives of township dogs and cats in need as a volunteer at the animal rescue centre in Cape Town. Of course this animal rescue program is a perfect fit for veterinary students, but anyone who loves animals and wants to help, is welcome. Volunteers can even do a great job with marketing, website developing or renovating the remises.

The animal centres mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home domestic animals, as well as provide veterinary services to the poorer local communities. The centre aims to care for animals in the poor township who suffered from being abandoned, abuse or neglection.

After rescuing the dogs and cats in the neighborhood, you can assist the centre’s team while applying the best veterinary and animal behavioural practices. Finally, the team prepares the animals for adoption into new homes.

The centre also plays a vital role in re-uniting lost animals with their guardians and carries out veterinary outreach and humane education in low income areas.

Veterinary Assistants focus on Sterilizations and Treatment of Injured Animals

This pro-quality life centre has a full-time veterinarian on site and veterinary assistants who focus on sterilizations and treatment of injured animals. The feral cat project sterilizes over 300 cats alone a month. One of the core aims of the onsite clinic is to control the unwanted births of dogs and cats in low-income areas, and sterilisation of all treated animals is mandatory. Sterilisation drives, including door-to-door canvassing, have resulted in fewer unwanted puppies and kittens. The clinic staff operate two Mobile Clinic vans that, on a pre-arranged schedule, serve the low-income areas offering primary healthcare for animals in these communities as well as free sterilisations, which is carried out at the centres hospital.

This centre is dedicated to improving the lives of neglected, abused, and unwanted homeless animals and being a volunteer means being the best part of a homeless animal’s day!

Highlights of your Volunteer Trip

  • Help cats and dogs get proper healthcare
  • Aid injured animals with their recovery.
  • Help the Vets in the clinic
  • Assist animal welfare officers with mobile clinics in townships
  • Participate in animal rescues (We’d be very happy for assistance from the volunteers however feral cat rescues happen in the evening not during the day also, on weekend.)
  • Assist with animal adoption
  • Assist with animal stimulation

Your Role as an Animal Volunteer or Veterinary Intern

As a volunteer you will receive exposure to a vast variety of cases that you would not normally be exposed to in private practice, making a great working for potential veterinarians, vet nurses, animal welfare officers or companion animals enthusiasts.
As a volunteer you will assist with:

  • Assist at the centres hospital – prepping animals for surgery
  • On mobile units, you can help the animal welfare officers
  • Caring for animals in recovery and ensuring their environment is hygienic
  • Marketing, fundraising and public relations assistance
  • Helping with day to day running of the clinic/hospital
  • Assist with animal husbandry and feeding
  • Cat and kitten socialisation
  • General maintenance, such as gardening, building and painting
  • Please take note that volunteers may not perform any surgical procedures or diagnose animals.

We would welcome volunteers with the following experience:

  • ANYONE who loves animals
  • Veterinary qualification
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Website development and electronic newsletters
  • Building, painting and project management

How to join the Animal Rescue Project as a Volunteer

Visit all wildlife volunteering programs in South Africa here. You can find the project for Animal Rescue in Cape Town on our homepage, too.

More Wildlife Volunteer Experiences and Projects in South Africa

Ricardo Ramajo orphaned animals

Caring for Orphaned Animals of the African Bush: Ricardo from Brazil

Ricardo Ramajo from Brazil has been caring for orphaned animals in the African Bush during his volunteer project on wildlife ...
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Meeresbilogie-Praktikum in Kapstadt

Marine biology internship at the Aquarium in Cape Town

Immerse yourself in a fascinating underwater world during your internship in marine biology at the Aquarium in Cape Town, South ...
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Wildlife volunteering in South Africa

Wildlife Volunteering in South Africa: The Most Wonderful Three Months of My Life!

I participated in a project in South Africa, during 3 months. These are the most wonderful 3 months I have ...
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Pedro Henrique Animal Volunteering in South Africa

Animal Volunteering in South Africa: Pedro Henrique with his new friends

Pedro Henrique de Cerqueira from Brazil, went for a trip for animal volunteering in South Africa. As you can see ...
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Veterinary Internship in South Africa

Wildlife Veterinary Internship at a Five Star Game Reserve in South Africa

If you feel passionate about animals, work as join our wildlife veterinary internship project. The Project is located in an ...
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Camille Volunteering with Elephants in South Africa

Unforgettable experience with Elephants in South Africa

This summer I had an unforgettable experience in South Africa. Thank you Iko Poran for this exceptional travel! Sure, I ...
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