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Volunteer to Rescue Cats and Dogs in Cape Town

Rescue Cats and Dogs in Cape Town South Africa

Animal Rescue Centre with Veterinary Services

Make a difference for the lives of township dogs and cats in need as a volunteer at the animal rescue centre in Cape Town. Of course this animal rescue program is a perfect fit for veterinary students, but anyone who loves animals and wants to help, is welcome. Volunteers can even do a great job with marketing, website developing or renovating the remises.

The animal centres mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home domestic animals, as well as provide veterinary services to the poorer local communities. The centre aims to care for animals in the poor township who suffered from being abandoned, abuse or neglection.

After rescuing the dogs and cats in the neighborhood, you can assist the centre’s team while applying the best veterinary and animal behavioural practices. Finally, the team prepares the animals for adoption into new homes.

The centre also plays a vital role in re-uniting lost animals with their guardians and carries out veterinary outreach and humane education in low income areas.

Veterinary Assistants focus on Sterilizations and Treatment of Injured Animals

This pro-quality life centre has a full-time veterinarian on site and veterinary assistants who focus on sterilizations and treatment of injured animals. The feral cat project sterilizes over 300 cats alone a month. One of the core aims of the onsite clinic is to control the unwanted births of dogs and cats in low-income areas, and sterilisation of all treated animals is mandatory. Sterilisation drives, including door-to-door canvassing, have resulted in fewer unwanted puppies and kittens. The clinic staff operate two Mobile Clinic vans that, on a pre-arranged schedule, serve the low-income areas offering primary healthcare for animals in these communities as well as free sterilisations, which is carried out at the centres hospital.

This centre is dedicated to improving the lives of neglected, abused, and unwanted homeless animals and being a volunteer means being the best part of a homeless animal’s day!

Highlights of your Volunteer Trip

  • Help cats and dogs get proper healthcare
  • Aid injured animals with their recovery.
  • Help the Vets in the clinic
  • Assist animal welfare officers with mobile clinics in townships
  • Participate in animal rescues (We’d be very happy for assistance from the volunteers however feral cat rescues happen in the evening not during the day also, on weekend.)
  • Assist with animal adoption
  • Assist with animal stimulation

Your Role as an Animal Volunteer or Veterinary Intern

As a volunteer you will receive exposure to a vast variety of cases that you would not normally be exposed to in private practice, making a great working for potential veterinarians, vet nurses, animal welfare officers or companion animals enthusiasts.
As a volunteer you will assist with:

  • Assist at the centres hospital – prepping animals for surgery
  • On mobile units, you can help the animal welfare officers
  • Caring for animals in recovery and ensuring their environment is hygienic
  • Marketing, fundraising and public relations assistance
  • Helping with day to day running of the clinic/hospital
  • Assist with animal husbandry and feeding
  • Cat and kitten socialisation
  • General maintenance, such as gardening, building and painting
  • Please take note that volunteers may not perform any surgical procedures or diagnose animals.

We would welcome volunteers with the following experience:

  • ANYONE who loves animals
  • Veterinary qualification
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Website development and electronic newsletters
  • Building, painting and project management

How to join the Animal Rescue Project as a Volunteer

Visit all wildlife volunteering programs in South Africa here. You can find the project for Animal Rescue in Cape Town on our homepage, too.

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