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Wildlife Volunteering in Cambodia: Animal Rescue in a Poor Community

Wildlife Volunteering in Cambodia

Get involved with wildlife volunteering in Cambodia and rescue abandoned dogs and cats in its vibrating capital Phnom Penh. International volunteers help local animal welfare organization to bring the pets in an animal shelter, where they will be fed and treated well, preparing them for adoption. The participation of veterinary students will be greatly appreciated, as the vets at the sanctuary need support.

Since the developing country still faces problems as poor education and poverty, locals are often unable to care properly for their animals. So, as a volunteer, you can care for these poor abandoned cats and dogs of the community!

Rescue abandoned animals as an animal rescue volunteer in the streets of Phnom Penh

Poor nutrition for these animals often causes diseases, and sometimes people are selling the animals to the cruel and barbaric meat trade. Therefore, your help as a animal conservation volunteer is crucial for the survival of these pets.

Pets in Need of Food and Care

We see that some owners do not care much about their own pets and sometimes they leave them outside from home without any food or care. Some dogs and cats get sick without any medicine that can get more serious without treatment and they end up dyeing.

The animal rescue program plays a very important role in order to help poor dogs and cats to get more security and safety in Phnom Penh. It also provides a good opportunity for the volunteers who are passionate animals’ lovers to get the chance to treat and give love to poor dogs and cats.

Meet buddhist Monks while working as a wildlife volunteer in Cambodia

While the Volunteers work together with the local staffs and other foreigners, they will sometimes even meet Buddhist Monks and local people in the community.

On the Working Schedule of Volunteers and Vets who join the Animal Rescue Team

Volunteers can help poor animals feeding them every day; we give them 3 meals per day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast, we start to feed cats and dogs at 7:00 am. Besides feeding the cats and dogs, volunteers also can help to clean the room of animals that needs to be cleaned every day.

They also have to go to the vets in the case that the animal gets sick.

Volunteers usually stay with cats and dogs and sometime will go to the poor area and pagodas in order to find any other animals that we can help.

Help of Vets needed for treatment and surgery of street animals

We often need help from veterinarians to treat, neuter and operate street animals, but also to mentor our Cambodian veterinary trainees.
Note: it would be good if volunteers get vaccinated because normally volunteers need to stay with the dogs and cats that get sick.

Participate in the Animal Rescue Program in Cambodia

If you love animals, or are preparing for a career as a vet, join the animal rescue volunteer project in Cambodia.

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