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Mayara shares her love as a parenting teacher at a kindergarten in South Africa

Pparenting Teacher at a kindergarten in Cape Town

Mayara Pedra Pinheiro, from Brazil, shares her love in a kindergarten in South Africa as a parenting teacher in Cape Town.   

Following the dream I had one night and after having some conversation with Felipe from Iko Poran, I got convinced to go and I could finally decide to take this project in action. Be in South Africa was amazing, be with the kids in Masi was unforgettable! You think you will only give something to them, but you receive so much more that cannot be measured or priced. I have no words to describe my love, my happiness after doing this social project!

Mayara - Kids from Masi in a happy day with fake teeth
Kids from Masi in a happy day with fake teeth

Just plan and go! The kids will love you and thank you for your presence and attention when you are there with them. Just save your energy to play games a lot, sing with them and teach new good lessons. Masiphumelele is a township that will impact you strongly when you get there, but people are friendly and will treat you very well.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?

My advice is do not be afraid. This is a unique experience in life. Be part of someone’s life or a group of people in need is priceless. You think you will give them all your attention and love, but you are so much more rewarded on it than you think or imagine. Just go! – Mayara

What can you do as a Parenting Teacher at the Kindergarten in South Africa?

If you love children, working as a volunteer parenting teacher is something really fulfilling. At the same time, a childhood dream can become true. You’ll get to know fascinating South Africa with its unique wildlife and Mediterranean climate.

Moreover, you’ll be able to open your eyes to different realities. At the same time do something that you love: taking care of the children at the kindergarten in South Africa  with lots of love.

Learning about African Culture

As a child care volunteer at the kindergarten, you will learn about the African culture and children as well as contributing to the community as a whole.

Visit our page with the volunteer project as a childcare volunteer in South Africa in Cape Town.

What our volunteers at the daycare in Cape Town say about their teaching work

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