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Working with Animals in Africa: Animal Welfare and Wildlife Projects

Freiwilligenarbeit mit Elefanten in Namibia

Work in animal welfare with animals in Africa. On your journey you will discover the fascinating wildlife of South Africa or Namibia. Volunteering projects focus on the conservation of Africa’s wildlife, as well as the rehabilitation of injured or neglected animals.

Wildlife projects and marine biology in South Africa

In Cape Town you can take part in a fascinating marine biology internship, where you will get to know the marine fauna of the two oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific. For budding marine biologists a must!

Marine biology intern with a sea turtle
Marine biology intern with a sea turtle

As an intern, you’ll be able to clean the aquariums, dive to feed the animals, and sometimes go out to sea for turtles, for example.

Animal Rescue in Cape Town for abandoned pets

Animal Rescue Project for abandoned dogs in the streets of Cape Town
Animal Rescue Project for abandoned dogs in the streets of Cape Town

As part of the animal rescue program in Cape Town, you can also learn to read neglected dogs and cats on the street, to nurse them back to health and, if possible, to find a new family to pick up the animals from the animal shelter.

Care of injured and orphaned wildlife in Port Elizabeth

Ricardo Ramajo cares for Vervet Monkeys
Ricardo Ramajo from Brazil cares for Vervet Monkeys

Help volunteer animal rights activists protect endangered species and raise orphaned wildlife at a shelter in Port Elizabeth. You will learn to understand the fascinating wildlife of South Africa! Our animal welfare volunteers particularly love the Vervet Monkeys, to whom we have dedicated another animal protection project at Tzaanen.

Safari to the Big Five of South Africa

As part of the Big Five Game Reserve project, you can help monitor the numbers of elephants, buffaloes, lions and rhinos, to gain valuable information on the conservation of these species. A fascinating adventure! But always make sure to stay away from the animals because the African bush is not a petting zoo. So if you like to have direct contact with the animals in Africa, the projects above are better off.

Who is afraid of the Great White Shark?

Great White Shark: Marine Conservation Project in Kleinbaai
Great White Shark: Marine Conservation Project in Kleinbaai

Discover the fascinating underwater world at Kleinbaai, 180 km southwest of Cape Town. Cage Diving will see you encounter the Great White Shark! They work with marine biologists to explore and observe the Great White Sharks in their natural habitat. You also have the task of communicating this research and your knowledge to visitors who go to shark diving. In the project to protect Great White Sharks, you can even help mark individual sharks. This technique allows researchers to create shark movement profiles to better understand their behavior.

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