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Marine Conservation Projects Volunteering: Marine Biology, Sea turtles and more


Participate as a volunteer in fascinating marine conservation projects in volunteering. Iko Poran has put together several exciting animal welfare projects in South Africa, Sri Lanka and Costa Rica. Our prices are among the cheapest and you will have a unique experience.

Whether you want to gain hands-on experience with your marine biology studies, or as a dedicated layman to help protect marine wildlife, it will be a great journey with rich experiences.

Marine Biology in South Africa

Marine Biology in South Africa

In Cape Town, South Africa, you can do a marine biology internship at the local aquarium, where you will have ample opportunity to dive in the aquariums to feed the sea animals or perform clean-up work. On this trip, you will experience the fauna of the Atlantic and Pacific up close, and occasionally even take the boat on the high seas, for example, to expose sea turtles in the wild.

Save the Sea Turtles

Morgan Bureau France Saving Baby Sea Turtles
Morgan Bureau France Saving Sea Turtles

There are two worthwhile animal protection projects for the keyword sea turtles. One on the beautiful beaches of Costa Rica, where volunteers help with nocturnal patrols to protect the newly hatched turtles from poaching. The work also extends to a breeding enclosure, where the offspring of sea turtles grows protected.

Volunteering in Sri Lanka Save the Sea Turtles
Save the sea turtles in Sri Lanka

Another sea turtle conservation project is taking place in Sri Lanka, where you’ll walk through the jungle to secluded, pristine beaches where you can also join the newly hatched sea turtles on their way to the sea.

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