Volunteer in Africa: Cheap Volunteer Trips, Best and Unique Experience!

Discover our fascinating wildlife volunteer programs and social projects in Africa! You can choose from volunteer opportunities in South Africa, Ethipia, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania.

We at IKPVA are carefully developing and organizing some of the best volunteer programs in Africa, including Wildlife Conservation, Teaching English and more. Our prices are among the cheapest!

Our volunteers from Brazil and other countries have already gone to Cape Town and looked after children in the crèche in Doreen. It was a wonderful experience, as you can see below. Another attractive feature of South Africa is certainly animal welfare projects, including the “Big Five”, the Great White Shark and programs and the project for the care of Vervet monkeys.

South Africa – Become a volunteer in this wonderful country!

A dream came true for Isabella from Brazil when she first went to Cape Town to look after the children in the Doreen Nursery. A volunteer trip to South Africa is much cheaper than you think!

Jonas Feltrin Doreens Creche

Working with the children in South Africa: Jonas from Brazil

Jonas Feltrin, from Brazil, works with the children in South Africa at a day care. He is having a blast ...
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Melissa has been working at a daycare in Cape Town

Melissa from Brazil enjoyed volunteering at a daycare in Cape Town

Melissa from Brazil had a great time while volunteering at a daycare in Cape Town. She made all the long ...
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Pparenting Teacher at a kindergarten in Cape Town

Mayara shares her love as a parenting teacher at a kindergarten in South Africa

Mayara Pedra Pinheiro, from Brazil, shares her love in a kindergarten in South Africa as a parenting teacher in Cape ...
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Ghana – Rewarding Educational Volunteer Projects

Participate in one of the volunteer programs in Ghana. Projects include volunteer work with children in daycare centers and orphanages, and teaching English in Ghana. You can even train soccer with the students of a school! Iko Poran is committed to offering quality volunteer programs at a very affordable price. You will see such volunteer and rewarding work and live a wonderful experience in Ghana!

Beatriz Barbosa feeling like home

I felt home like never before: Beatriz from Portugal

Since I started the preparation for the program, I had all the help that I needed from Iko Poran and ...
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Mathilde Steiness Teaching in Ghana

Mathilde Steiness from Denmark enjoys Teaching in Ghana

Mathilde Steiness, a volunteer from Denmark, has been teaching in Ghana: I’m super happy with the work and the program ...
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Loving Ghana! Jeanette Warthon

Loving Ghana, the kids are great! Child Care Volunteer in Ghana

Loving Ghana, the kids are great. Ghanaians are so friendly, everyday is a new experience. – Jeanette Warthon, from USA Child ...
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Teach Children and Teenies at a College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Want to volunteer for volunteering in Ethiopia? At Iko Poran, we give our best to offer you the best and most affordable volunteer programs in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. As always, we have quality in mind and give you a rewarding experience as a volunteer. You can choose between teaching English for adolescents at school, wellness coaching, gardening, ecology, construction, visual arts, music and more. You can even participate in a women empowerment project at the college. If your travel budget is limited, do not worry, our prices are among the cheapest.

Michael Dodge teaches at a High School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Michael Dodge from the USA teaches in Ethiopia, at a boarding school and high school in Addis Ababa. By teaching ...
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Emmanuel Health Coaching Ethiopia

Medical Volunteer Program in Ethiopia: Dr. Emmanuel Ehiwe gives an interview

Dr. Emmanuel Ehiwe, a consultant sonographer and public health practitioner from Birmingham, England talks about his volunteer program in Ethiopia. The interview ...
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Emmanuel Health Coaching Ethiopia

Emmanuel volunteered on Health Coaching for Children in Ethiopia

Emmanuel enjoyed working on Health Coaching for children and youth in Ethiopa and included first aid techniques as well. Great ...
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