Volunteering on Arts and Design

Volunteering on Arts and Design you will give dancing, painting, drawing or music classes for children and adults. The creative activities can be a powerful force for community building, nurturing human creativity, and social empowerment for future growth and employment opportunities.

There is a palpable obsession with the arts, music, dance, and theatre all over in the World.

With this in mind, Iko Poran has partnered with a number of Arts, Dance & Music Programs dedicated to providing access to the arts and design for diverse populations so that all the beneficiaries may be empowered by the positive impact of the arts.

Volunteering on Arts and Design in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Tanzania

Jissaura has been volunteering on Arts & Design in Rio

Jissaura has been volunteering on Arts & Design in Rio

Had an amazing experience with Iko poran in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Although I signed up to volunteer for the ...
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Volunteer Opportunities with Arts & Design

There’s certainly plenty to offer on an arts project, which uses an invigorating mix of music, dance, and theatre to support most at-risk children and youth. Working with children from a number of poor communities your efforts will play a valuable part in helping a project desperately short of resources, while allowing you to share your skills and absorb the artistic vibes of the local community.

As a volunteer for an arts and design program, one of your main roles will be to help educate and support children of local communities by offering a cultural and artistic education that reinforces positive interests, in an effort to provide an escape from the omnipresent drug trade and under-employment.

Skills required for volunteering on Arts & Design

The vast majority of our programs in the arts require no prerequisite skills. Please browse through the project descriptions on the destinations where we offer this program for further details about talents and expertise they may seek out. Keep in mind that if you have a special artistic ability that you would like to share, please feel free to contact us and we will try to tailor a program specially for you.