Frederikke Cronquist Denmark teaching English to Tour Guides

Tour guides in Rio learn English with Frederikke from Denmark

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Volunteer Frederikke Cronquist from Denmark is teaching English for tour guides in Rio de Janeiro and teaching drawing techniques for young people. Many thanks Frederikke! You make us believe that a better world is possible! Teaching English for Tour Guides in Brazil For tour guides, among other professions, learning English is essential to their work. […]

Organic Farming Ecuador

Organic Farming in Ecuador: Ecological Volunteer Project

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Join our organic farming volunteer project in a small village of Ecuador’s Cloud Forest. During this ecological volunteer placement, you can also learn to live in harmony with nature! At your host family you can help feeding the animals or learn to hand-milk the cows. At the organic community farm, volunteers can work on the […]

Albane from France volunteering at a jungle kindergarden in Peru

Jungle Kindergarden: Albane’s Dream Like Volunteering Experience

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This 6-weeks volunteering experience in Padre Cocha remain like a dream, a wonderful sharing moment for me. I was a teacher assistant at a Kindergarden, with a three-years-old children. This experience to teach to little kids was very interesting because of the difference of culture I discovered there. The education of the children at the […]

Volunteering with down syndrome children in Cusco Peru

Albane volunteered with Down Syndrome Children in Peru

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I spent 6 weeks on Cusco, in Perou, as a volunteer in a college with down syndrome children. All they were aged between 15 and 17 years old. The experience was very special, challenging, and so interesting and valuable. At the beginning, it deals more to obtain credibility and confidence from students, who can be […]

Volunteering at a Samba School in Rio de Janeiro

Volunteering at a Samba School in Rio de Janeiro: Gary goes for Carnival

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Gary Ward, from the UK, is volunteering at a Samba School in Rio de Janeiro. With the fellow Brazilian workers he is preparing costumes and the floats for the parade during the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro. Volunteering with Iko Poran in Rio was a great decision – I had a fantastic 12 weeks in […]

Silvia Malheiro Portugal in Cusco Peru Blog slide

Silvia from Portugal spent her Christmas helping children in Cusco, Peru

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Sílvia Malheiro, from Portugal, chose to spend her Christmas helping children in Cusco, and she is loving it. How to help the Children in Cusco as a Childcare Volunteer If you are looking for a truly inspiring workaway volunteer opportunity, try out our childcare program at a Kindergarten in Cuzco. These daycares sometimes are called Wawa Wasi in […]

First Time Volunteer Experience in Rio de Janeiro

First Time Volunteer Experience in Colorful, Festive Rio de Janeiro

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Giulia Russo Walti from Italy went for her first time volunteer experience to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: My experience in Brazil, particularly in Rio de Janeiro, was a magnificent adventure. In a colorful city, with a lot of nature and so festive, I was able to try for the first time a volunteer experience. Putting […]

Albane Pourmin Kindergarten Iquitos

Volunteering at a Kindergarten in Iquitos: Albane you rock!

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Albane Pournin from France had joined a childcare program in Cambodia last year, this year she is joining 4 programs on a roll. In this picture, she is working as a teacher assistant in a kindergarten in Iquitos, Peru. Albane, you rock!! How to volunteer as a teacher assistant in the Kindergarten in Iquitos? If […]

Lucy Thiess and Chakara Kan serving meals for children in Buenos Aires

Lucy and Takara serving Meals for children and families in Buenos Aires

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Takara Chan and Lucy Thiess, volunteers from Australia, get their hands-on preparing and serving meals to adults and children in Buenos Aires. Our world is much better because of people like them!! Thank you very much!!! I recently volunteered in Buenos Aires with my best friend for their community feeding project. The experience was very […]

Shaden Elgalaly Egypt Tijuca Forest

Planting Trees to Save the Tijuca Rainforest: Shade Elgalaly, Egypt

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Shaden Elgalaly, volunteer from Egypt (in the center) together with Brazilian volunteer, ready to plant trees and save the forests in Brazil. Planting Trees: Ecological Volunteer Program to save the Urban Rainforest in Rio You can volunteer with the reforestation project at The Tijuca National Forest, the world’s largest urban forest. While you are volunteering on […]