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Volunteering in Rio de Janeiro with Teaching English, Art and Dance

I spent the month of October working with Iko Poran in Rio de Janeiro on projects teaching English, Art, and Dance. I met some wonderful people, some of whom will hopefully remain friends forever. It was good to make a difference, even for a short while, to the lives of people who in some cases have so little. But what they may lack in resources they make up for many times in their enthusiasm for learning. I was able to contribute on a number of programmes and I think the more adaptable you are, the more you will get out of the experience. Rio de Janeiro is an amazing place, not without its problems, and you do have to take care travelling around, however one of the best aspects of the experience for me was being able to live almost like a local, travelling miles on the rattling buses, eating very economically in “local” restaurants, really feeling a part of the community. You just would not get that coming as a tourist. A tourist will get to know places….a volunteer will get to know people!

How can this program be improved?

I would have liked a brief sheet with information for the projects.
Address, contact details, history of the project, website if there was one, just to be as familiar as possible before getting struck in. Also some projects are quite far away and the prospect of getting lost was always there, although it didnt happen.

  • Bob Matt, Scotland


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Volunteering with Dance in Tanzania

Volunteer with Dance in Tanzania in our arts project. The volunteer program you will bring you in direct contact with children and teenagers passionate about dancing. You will support several dance schools that have been established with the objective of promoting the social, economic and cultural development of the African continent.

Dance is in the Air, African Rhythms

If you are passionate about dance, you will have the opportunity of putting your knowledge into practice by creating workshops and choreographies for Tanzanian dancers. You will see that Tanzanians will be very interested in learning new dance techniques. What’s more, you will learn African dance and the most important rituals of tribe dances. Moreover you also may teach dancing to the childrend in local schools and orphanages. In Tanzania, Dance is in the air, African rhythms will fascinate you.

Volunteer in Tanzania

Find the full information about volunteer work in Tanzania here, and proceed with your application.

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Morrinho Project: Martina 3 weeks volunteering in Rio

I spent 3 weeks in Rio volunteering for project Morrinho with Iko Poran last january. It was an amazing experience. The project I worked in was very interesting, and I got to know really nice locals and the way they lived in the favela (that has an amazing view of Rio by the way!). All the volunteers stayed at Felipe’s beautiful house, which was so comfortable and we had a beautiful terrace to get together, have dinner or a few drinks in. Rio de Janeiro is such a vibrant, beautiful and fun city to visit and it’s even better to get to know it with amazing people like the friends I made in the volunteer house.

3 weeks went by too fast…

The 3 weeks went by too fast, I wish I could have stayed more time. If you have the time and can afford it, I recommend staying at least 5-6 weeks. I made really good friends there that I really miss and I hope I can go back soon to visit them! I’m definitely considering volunteering for Iko Poran again whenever I have the chance.

  • Martina, 20 years old, from Montevideu

Find more opportunities to volunteer in Brazil

See also the site of Morrinho Project

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Volunteer with Arts, Design and Dance

As a volunteer on the Arts and Design Program in Brazil you will give dancing, painting, drawing or music classes for children and adults from Rio’s favelas.

Overview Arts & Design Program

When picturing Rio de Janeiro, you would be correct in envisioning bright colours, art and music. This is a major influence on Brazilian culture and way of life.

The Arts and Design volunteer project allows for all locals to have the opportunity to be involved in the positive impact of the arts.

Why volunteer for an arts and design program?

The arts volunteer project will allow you to be fully submerged into Brazilian culture. Learning how locals live through working closely with children from the favelas (urban slums). Your much needed support will play a vital role in aiding resources and gaining personal enjoyment.

Benefits from participating in the Arts Program

The Arts and Design project will allow you to create strong relationships with local children. You will have the opportunity to support and offer your knowledge towards the importance of positive hobbies – you will be apart of providing an escape for these wonderful children.

Skills needed for volunteers on the arts and design projects

The great thing about this project is it requires little experience or specific skills in the area. However please share if you believe you may have a relevant artistic talent!

Apply as an Arts and Dance Volunteer in Brazil

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