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Volunteer on Jungle Community Immersion in Peru

Volunteer on jungle community Immersion in Iquitos Peru teaching to the people of Kukama Kukamiria tribe basic English and computer skills.

This project offers you the incredible opportunity to live and work within an Amazonian ethnic community. Volunteers have may teach Basic English, work in the craft workshop, plant yucca trees and pick fruits according the season, and help their host family in their daily jobs.

Volunteer Work at the Kukama Reserve

Jungle Community Immersion

Teaching the Kukama Kukamiria Computer skills

You will be accommodated in a basic home stay in the Kukama Reserve where the members are descendants of the Kukama Kukamiria ethnic group. Their day starts early feeding their animals, going to the farm to pick up firewood to cook, and carrying water. During the day people spend their time preparing the natural fibers to make handbags, bracelets, dream catchers, traditional masks etc. Volunteer in Peru in this immersion program to help your host family in their daily activities.

Enjoy Nature and Simple Life far from the Ammenities of Western Civilization

The life in this rural town is basic; you will not find the amenities you are used to. The experience here is flexible and personal, you have the freedom to take part in different activities during your placement, exploring sides of life in the jungle. This is perfect for those wanting to immerse deep with nature and find joy in the simple life. Your host family will teach you about wild plants used for medicine, food, and tools and will show you beautiful and relaxing views.

Swim in Amazonian Lakes, Watch Birds and Visit nearby Ethnic Groups…

This project has so much potential for a traveller, you’ll have opportunity to go bird watching, swim in small Amazonian lakes, visit nearby ethnic groups, navigate the jungle in canoes, learn to speak the dialect, and most importantly connect with nature.

Please note that as the community is located 15 minutes by boat from Iquitos city it is important that you know to swim.

Work with Jungle Community Immersion in Peru

Find everything about volunteering in Peru here in full detail: costs, requirements and how to proceed with your application as a volunteer.

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Community Development in Peru: Andean Immersion

Volunteer on Community Development in Peru in this project to live in a rural village that offers full immersion into a traditional Andean life based on subsistence agriculture and textile production. This unique life experience will take you to the Sacred Valley of Cusco to get to know first-hand the agricultural practices and process of making textiles with natural dyes.

Live with a Local Family and Learn to Speak Quechua

Living with a local family will give you the opportunity to learn their language (they speak Quechua; Spanish is their second language and they do not speak any English), experience their lifestyle, and taste their cuisine – with recipes dating back to Inca times still on the menu.

Simplicity of Life, Beauty of the Landscape

The accommodation and meals are basic due to the remote setting of this rural village, but you will be stunned by the beautiful landscapes. It´s important to be healthy and physically prepared to do manual labour for most of your volunteer time (your tasks will include preparing the earth, seeding and harvesting). So, if you are a hard worker and you are ready to do experience things that you never expected, this is the program for you.

Want to work as a volunteer on Community Development in Peru?

Find everything about volunteering in Peru in full detail: requirements, costs and proceed with your application as a volunteer.

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