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Urban Environmentalism Program in Rio de Janeiro – Elisa

So far I have had a wonderful experience volunteering in Rio de Janeiro with Iko Poran’s Urban Environmentalism program. I am half way through my two-month stay in Rio and I already know that it will be a very valuable experience for me. The project consists of work in Tijuca National Park and at a large community garden in a favela, where they grow almost every sort of common vegetable in Brazil. The people I work with in the communities are all incredibly kind and welcoming, not to mention they are doing work that makes a big difference for themselves and the environment.

Staying in a beautiful Home with the Host Family

Here in Rio, I have stayed in a beautiful home with the host family. The house is in an area within walking distance of some bars and restaurants and has a nice view, as well as a very comfortable living space. The family has been welcoming and make sure that I have everything I need to enjoy my time here. They also have two adorable kids and two cats, which has been great for me as well.

Wide Range of Volunteer Projects with Iko Poran

Overall, I recommend Iko Poran as a volunteering outlet. They offer a wide range of work that contributes to the local communities, while also assuring a fun and comfortable stay.

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One of the best experiences of my life!

Volunteering in Rio with Iko Poran was one of the best decisions I have ever made! I came to Rio to study Sociology abroad but wanted to stay longer in order to further immerse myself in the culture and make a social impact, so I decided to volunteer with Iko Poran for two weeks after my studies were over. I was able to experience the city of Rio more in two weeks with Iko Poran than I was able to in three weeks studying!

Volunteering with the Environmental Program

Destiny - one of my best experiences


Volunteering with the environmental program gave me the opportunity to see first hand the ecological challenges that Rio faces and make a difference myself while also having the chance to witness the incredible beauty of the city and parks as I was doing it! I also loved the independence that Iko Poran gave me! I was able to navigate the city by the time I left, communicate with locals, and had made life long friends in my fellow volunteers! I had plenty of time to explore after volunteering and on the weekends so I was able to see many sights and museums while also indulging in the social scene. The Rio Hostel was also wonderful! The employees became friends and the hostel became home! All in all, I loved my experience with Iko Poran and am so thrilled that I chose to experience Rio with them!

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Volunteer with a Community Garden in Rio de Janeiro

If you enjoy the outdoors you can volunteer with a community garden in Rio de Janeiro. Volunteers help growing vegetables in the garden for the residents of a nearby favela. Mr. Áureo coordinates the project, where also the children of the community participate in the garden work.

Here in the garden we grow everything for the community. When people need something, they can buy it or take it for free. They won’t leave with empty hands. The volunteers are doing a great job, they come and help us out. We exchange ideas. They teach us what they know and we teach them what we know as well – Seu Áureo, Project leader

What volunteers say about their experience:

We feel lucky we can work with Mr. Áureo, coordinator of the garden. He plans our daily tasks. Our work schedule. It’s very interesting. What I will remember from my experience here are the people. The people at Iko Poran and from the garden. And the interaction I’ve had with these people. – Santiago, volunteer from Argentina


Want to volunteer at a Community Garden in Rio de Janeiro?

Find out everything about volunteering in Rio de Janeiro, volunteer accommodation in Rio, and proceed with your application.

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Volunteer on Reforestation in Ecuador’s Cloud Forest

Work as an environmental volunteer with the reforestation of Ecuador’s cloud forest and help achivieving lang-lasting positive results both for the environment and the local people. The community have been asked by the local government to plant and grow 20,000 trees to use for reforestation work across the region. Alongside this, the community group have also come together and bought a piece of land, where they would like to plant coffee plants and trees to grow and use for reforestation work in the area.

Reforestation in Ecuador: The Cloud Forest is a Vital Part of Life

The cloud forest and the trees within them form a vital part of the life and work of the community and this reforestation project will make a big difference. The community would love volunteer assistance to contribute towards this important project and to the community for years to come.

Would you like to join the Community as a Volunteer in Ecuador?

Find the complete information for volunteer work in Ecuador here. Learn about everything provided with the volunteer program, required language skills, costs involved and proceed with your application.

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Biodiversity and Environmental Protection Program in Uganda

Volunteer in Uganda and help to save and protect the biodiversity of the environment. Uganda depends heavily on environment and natural resources. However, the country suffers from environmental problems that put the economic, environmental and social development at risk. IKPVA’s biodiversity and environmental protection program offer participants with both valuable life-changing experience and an opportunity to make a difference.

Participants in the Volunteer in Uganda program do hands-on work and have a direct impact on the preservation of the environment in the host communities. Volunteers may help to integrate environmental curriculum in schools; promote sustainable utilization of natural resources— proper sanitation practices and alternative energy practices; promote environmental awareness activities— wastewater management, recycling, environmental youth clubs and park management; as well as promoting environmental approaches— sustainable agriculture, fuel efficient stoves and various agri-business strategies.

International Participants in the volunteer program

The program provides international participants with the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in agro-forestry, tree planting and reforestation, with focus on the Western Uganda Highlands. The program brings together international volunteers on a regular basis to construct nurseries both with schools and communities, transplanting trees to degraded forest sites and train communities on agro-forestry techniques. Some of the activities depend on the current season. Please note, participants in our volunteer in Uganda environment program do not need to be a qualified or experienced to participate on these projects, however volunteers with special expertise are highly preferred.

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Environmental Volunteering at Rio’s Tijuca Rainforest

Environmental Volunteering at the Tijuca National Forest helps preserving the world’s largest urban forest. You can volunteer on a reforestation project helping in the three nursery, counting species, opening and cleaning trails, cutting branches, painting fences/ signals, among other activities.

Tijuca Forest is the worlds largest urban rainforest, this program gives you, as a volunteer, the opportunity to take part in aiding the conservation of this natural beauty. You will be given the once in a lifetime chance to create alternative solutions to some of the increasing environmental issues this area faces, in response to plastics residues, waste and pollution.

If only I was born in Brazil

Iko Poran truly showed me the authentic life of a Brazilian. The warmth, the layback’d-ness, the everyday “Bon Dia’s”…. It was an experience that I will never forget. I am going to return to Brazil as soon as I can!! The people you meet, both local citizens as well as the foreign participants, have become friends I will never forget and hopefully see soon!
All in all, Iko Poran was an opportunity I would do again and again (especially to see Lola, the dorm cat).  – Eric Jin, Waterloo University

Magnificent Landscapes at the “Cidade Maravilhosa”

Rio de Janeiro boasts one of the most magnificent contrasting landscapes in the world: cascading forests on massive mountains adjacent to a world-class city. However, this contrast isn’t always mutually beneficial, as many of Rio’s treasured green spaces are damaged by urban sprawl.

Emily’s Experience with Environmental Volunteer Work at the Tijuca Rainforest

I was in Rio de Janeiro for 4 weeks helping out in the Tijuca rainforest and at the community garden in a favela. I met so many different people from all over the world and as a result, I not only learned about Brazil but many other cultures. It’s a great way to get to know a city and have more of a local feel and the program itself is very reasonably priced. I would definitely consider coming back to Iko Poran for volunteering again. – Emily, University of Waterloo

Environmental Volunteering helps to preserve the pristine nature of Rio’s Rainforest

As a volunteer for an environmental program you can help to support and develop some of the most precious natural spaces, while also helping in a community vegetable garden and experiencing favela life.

Be a volunteer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Find the complete information about affordable volunteering in Brazil

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Volunteering in Uganda on Construction – Zach Luster

“This is an experience that will hold forever. I was able to bring water to those in need.” – Zach Luster, volunteering in Uganda

Construction and Renovation Volunteer Programs in Uganda

Volunteer in Uganda in our construction and renovation programs. Although Uganda is endowed with abundance of natural resources, it remains a least developed country, with the lowest indicators of socio-economic development, due to extensive political and social corruption, and extreme poverty. The most affected population is the majority Ugandans who live in rural areas with poor infrastructures. Often roads, schools and health centres are extremely poor, with no clean water and poor sanitation.

Building Homes and Schools,  providing Infrastructure and Water

Volunteeri in Uganda on Construction

Volunteering on Construction in Uganda

There’s urgent need of volunteers to boost the basic facilities and infrastructure for the people in poverty stricken communities. Projects vary from constructing and repairing houses, schools, care and health centres, toilets, and clean water sources for deprived local people; to learning traditional building techniques as well as initiating new appropriate and environmental friendly building skills. IKPVA’s construction volunteer programs in Uganda offer participants both a valuable life-changing experience and an opportunity to make a difference.

Building Homes with Traditional Methods and Natural Materials

Volunteers in this field work in manual labour jobs alongside skilled and unskilled local builders to help with the construction work. The buildings are made using traditional methods and locally sourced materials. The construction techniques are also simple to master and are ideal for sites with limited facilities. No electricity is available at the site everything is done manually! Participants’ task can include digging foundations, mixing cement, building walls, constructing a roof either with grass or iron sheets/tiles, plastering, painting and white-washing, landscaping, digging of trenches, refurbishing sports fields, brick laying, and construction of local huts. Please note: volunteers do not need to be qualified or experienced to participate in these projects, however volunteers with special expertise are highly preferred.

Find more projects to Volunteer in Uganda

Want to volunteer in Uganda?

Find here the full information about volunteering in Uganda.

We will take you step by step through the enrollment, and you will learn about everything provided with the program, requirements and fees.

Have fun!


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Environmental Program: Great Experience in Rio

I was in Rio de Janeiro for 4 weeks helping out in the Tijuca rainforest and at the community garden in a favela. I met so many different people from all over the world and as a result, I not only learned about Brazil but many other cultures. It’s a great way to get to know a city and have more of a local feel and the program itself is very reasonably priced. I would definitely consider coming back to Iko Poran for volunteering again.

  • Emily, University of Waterloo

Environmental Program: Community Garden in a Rio Favela

If you enjoy the outdoors consider volunteer in Brazil in our environment projects. From conservation projects to urban renewal, Iko Poran has partnerships with a number of NGOs and projects helping to protect Rio’s stunning landscape or growing vegetables and salads in community gardens to alleviate hunger or donate to local crèches.


Want to be a volunteer in Rio de Janeiro?

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