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Nadir from Brazil enjoyed playing with the children at “The Orphanage” in Tanzania

Nadir Oliveira from Brazil has volunteered with the children of “The Orphanage” in Arusha, Tanzania and shares her beautiful experience:

I’m from Brazil.
I’ve had three unforgettable weeks working as a volunteer in Arusha, Tanzania.
To be in a foreign country, especially in a continent so different from our western life was the first impact.
The second impact was the institution “The Orphanage” with many children that wanted affection. Besides the affection they’ve wanted to learn more.
On the other hand, the great variety of necessities of this institution: food, clothes, didactic materials, domestic services, etc.
But that’s What I’ve thought.
And now I only can say:
Thank you so much because I was able to learn, teach, support to teacher, play with children and help a little in the daily routine.
I only have positive points about the program: the whole organization, support with informations, suggestions, safety recommendations and many other things.
I also consider very important to comment the acommodation: localization, home, amenities, food and the care of people who work at the home.
At the end, I have to say thank you for the touristic informations and programs that I could did.
Thank you so much for this magic experience in my life.
– Nadir Oliveira

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Volunteering Program in Arusha Tanzania

I personaly taught English, Math, Music and dances, in several grades (2 to 7th)
I had a very good relations with all the school personel and the kids.
The satisfaction of helping the school is very good.
The children need a lot of love, help and support and give you their love back…
The school needs more volunteers and also financial support in order to improve its conditions.

How can this program be improved?

The preparation before arrival in order to meet expectation of all sides (the volunteers, the organization arranging the program and the organization receiving the volunteers)

  • Yair from Israel, Air Force Institute of Technology

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Volunteering with Dance in Tanzania

Volunteer with Dance in Tanzania in our arts project. The volunteer program you will bring you in direct contact with children and teenagers passionate about dancing. You will support several dance schools that have been established with the objective of promoting the social, economic and cultural development of the African continent.

Dance is in the Air, African Rhythms

If you are passionate about dance, you will have the opportunity of putting your knowledge into practice by creating workshops and choreographies for Tanzanian dancers. You will see that Tanzanians will be very interested in learning new dance techniques. What’s more, you will learn African dance and the most important rituals of tribe dances. Moreover you also may teach dancing to the childrend in local schools and orphanages. In Tanzania, Dance is in the air, African rhythms will fascinate you.

Volunteer in Tanzania

Find the full information about volunteer work in Tanzania here, and proceed with your application.

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Volunteer on Women Empowerment in Tanzania

Volunteer on women empowerment in Tanzania. There is a center that offers temporary residence, education and vocational training to young single mothers and girls below the age of 18 years, together with their children. These girls have suffered from early pregnancy, forced child marriage, human trafficking, poverty, abuse, and a lack of education. The objective of the center is to train these young women in different vocational fields to empower them for employment and self-reliant projects. Moreover, the center has a nursery and primary school for their children education.

The Support of the Volunteers is very Important

Since the center progress depends on the support coming from outside, your contribution is very important. Bringing support material with you is highly recommended. You will be able to support them with marketing and fundraising, psychological support to women, English and computer teaching, kitchen and tailoring teaching and children teaching and care.

Your week will never be boring as there is a lot for you to do. Get ready for a lot of different experiences. We are sure you will love it.

Want to Volunteer on Women Empowerment in Tanzania?

Find the complete information about volunteer work in Tanzania here, accommodation, requirements and how to proceed with your application.

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Medical Volunteers in Tanzania

Medical Volunteers in Tanzania

Medical Volunteers in Tanzania

Become one of the medical volunteers in  Tanzania, help to treat people and create health awareness at the dispensary.

In 2002 the Servants of the Poor, Daughters of Charity opened the dispensary. Primarily their mission was to attend to basic healthcare needs and education of their local communities. Within this culture, cattle is their way of life and the main source of income, when necessary. Education and healthcare was perceived as less valuable, as people resorted to traditional healing methods.

Medical assistance for the poor

When the facility began in January 2002, people did not see their assistance as necessary, as they had already become accustomed to their own methods of care. Only when these showed negative results did people begin to use the dispensaries facilities.

Why get involved?

The dispensary is seriously understaffed with only one clinician employed; they have several assistants however help is always required and appreciated.

Examining babies with ultrasound

The laboratory has a range of equipment such as an ultrasound machine, and the ability to screen for malaria and test for many other life-threatening illnesses. Within the facility they also have the ability to treat many of these diseases, such as pneumonia, malaria and sexually transmitted infections. Revealing the fantastic work the project does in allowing people access to tests and treatment they previously did not know possible. As a volunteer you would be apart of a lifesaving team, to those truly in need.

Want to be a Medical Volunteer in Tanzania?

Find out everything about volunteering in Tanzania.

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Teaching in Tanzania: Kim from South Africa

Nerissa Perumal (Kim), from South Africa, teaching in Tanzania.

Volunteer Teaching in Tanzania

Tanzaina volunteer programs - Teaching children

Teaching in Tanzania – a School Girl

Volunteer in Tanzania in our teaching project. This is a project that requires a lot of dedication and enthusiasm. You will have the opportunity of supporting a nursery/primary school (children aged 3-11) or a secondary school (teenagers aged 11-16), both located within at only five minutes walking distance from the hostel. Everyday you will be dealing with 60 children between the ages 3 and 16 depending on the school you choose. They will be very excited for you to teach them several subjects, supporting the teacher or teaching by yourself. You will see from the very beginning that they are passionate about learning. Moreover, both childrens and teachers, will be very grateful if you support them with extracurricular activities and sports on a regular basis in the evenings.

Learning Swahili recommended for Tanzania volunteers

It is advisable that you learn a few words and phrases in Swahili, which will be very helpful and appreciated by the children. Bringing teaching aids (flash cards, picture books, alphabet and number games, maps) with you is highly recommended, and needed. We promise you that it will be an experience that you will never forget!

* Schools in Tanzania are closed for 2 weeks in late April, during the month of August and December to January.

Feel inspired?

Learn everything about affordable volunteering in Tanzania.

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Tanzania Sports Volunteer Program

Warm up session on the Tanzania Sports volunteer program.

Tanzania Sports Volunteers coach and educate local children

Tanzania Sports Volunteer Program

Tanzania Soccer Team – warm up

The sports program helps youth in the rural villages to foster their talents and focus on safe and healthy after school activities. Additionally, it helps youth to gain leadership skills and discipline by becoming a part of a team, and building stronger bonds with their community.

Work alongside the coaches of the football (soccer) team

As a sports volunteer, you’ll work alongside the coaches of the football team to help facilitate daily practices. Additionally, the team will play matches on the weekends, where you will assist the coach. Volunteers do not need to be professionals in sports, but rather have a passion and excitement for this program. Though you will work on the weekends, you can arrange with our staff to take off certain weekends for travel if you want to see other parts of the country. Volunteers in the sports program are most successful if they combine it with another program, such as childcare or teaching, to fill their days with more activities and build stronger bonds with the community.

Tanzania Sports Program - Boy with Football

Boy with football

Become a Tanzania Sports Volunteer!

Find the full information about affordable volunteering in Tanzania


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Teaching in Tanzania: Stefan Nowacki – Poland

Stefan Nowacki, from Poland, leaving his mark teaching in Tanzania.

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