Construction Volunteer Programs Abroad

Construction and Renovation Volunteering

Do you fancy working as a construction volunteer abroad? If you like to get your hands dirty and do not mind working hard, there are exciting volunteer opportunities waiting for you with building and renovation work. Check it out, our construction volunteer programs are both rewarding and highly affordable! In countries like Peru, Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia, there are many ways, you can help! During your stay, you can renovate schools, help constructing family homes, or build a desperately needed water well in Africa! Since your work will bring substantial improvement to the local people, they will be grateful! And last but not least, it is enjoyable to work with them together, building a better future.

The construction volunteer programs aim to improve local infrastructure to support and benefit our partner local communities.

Ratner Faily: constructing a fountain in Uganda

Some ways of helping the local people are renovating or building childcare centers, community classrooms, orphanages or recreational facilities. Moreover, you can even build homes for very unprivileged families. Since you will work alongside local experienced builders, you will receive training and guidance from them on local construction methods.

Construction Volunteer Opportunities in Peru, Uganda, Ethiopia, India...

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Overview of the Construction Volunteer Programs

Construction volunteer programs may help to provide bitterly needed family homes

Many times the homes of the families need improvement, since up to 10 people are living in single, primitive hut made from scraps of plywood and canvas. Some don´t have even a kitchen or bathroom area. Live becomes unbearable for those residents, because these tiny unstable shacks let in the wind and especially the rain. Especially children and elderly people are suffering and can even get sick, as they are left without protection from the elements and are being exposed to constant dampness. Therefore your help to construct a simple, small yet comfortable and safe brick house for the families is desperately needed!

There are no words to describe the happiness of a community or a family when see the final work done. Since you will work alongside the community and families, you will help to promote social change and a positive impact in a short time. You will experience, how joyful it is, to see an immediate impact in the community! After all, you will promote substantial improvement to the lives of the local people.

Volunteering on Construction and Renovation:

Constrution volunteer porgrams - Building Crew
Constrution volunteer porgrams - Building Crew

Tasks are diverse and may include, but not limited to:

  • Mixing cement;
  • Laying down bricks;
  • Digging foundations;
  • Plastering and painting;
  • Gardening and fencing;
  • Carpentry and roofing;
  • Cleaning tools;

And others according to the different phases of construction work.

Skills needed for the construction and renovation projects

Constrution Volunteer Program
Constrution Volunteer in Action

No special skills are necessary for this program, but please note that this project is quite physical and volunteers should be in good physical condition. Also, they should be motivated, enthusiastic, flexible, and have a passion to work with and for local people.

If you have any special construction skill it will be highly appreciated.