Medical & Health Promotion Volunteer Programs

We have selected some of the best medical volunteer abroad programs, in several countries including Brazil, India, Thailand, Nepal, Ethiopia and Peru. The medical health promotion volunteer program is ideal for students who want to get hands on experience on the field or for professionals who want to dedicate their time and skills to help local communities. You can choose, if you go for a medical internship at a clinic, like the internship at the Pediatric Hospital in Kathmandu, or if you want to work with health awareness. Recently, we have even added a program on Wellness Coaching, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

If you are considering a career in the health or medical field, our medical and health promotion volunteer projects are perfect to gain experience in the field working alongside local healthcare professionals and/or healthcare education to local communities. Volunteers may be placed in different settings according to their qualifications and the country they pick.

Volunteer on Health Promotion in Brazil, Nepal, Cambodia, Thailand...

Volunteering in a Clinic in Rio de Janeirio

Volunteering in a Clinic in Rio de Janeiro

From start to end, from coming off the airplane to leaving on the last day, we had the support of ...
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Great Time in Rio

I had a great time in Rio – Medical Volunteer

I had a great time in Rio learning about the culture and building relationships with the people in the Engenho ...
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Medical Volunteers in Tanzania

Medical Volunteers in Tanzania

Medical Volunteers in Tanzania Become one of the medical volunteers in  Tanzania, help to treat people and create health awareness ...
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Medical Volunteers in Uganda help to prevent AIDS

Medical Volunteers in Uganda on AIDS Prevention

HenceYouCheck out the HIV/AIDS prevention program in for medical volunteers in Uganda. Since the country has been greatly affected by ...
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Medical Volunteers Needed

Medical Volunteers Needed in Brazil, Nepal, Thailand, Uganda, Tanzania and Peru

Find a unique opportunity volunteering overseas this summer on health promotion – medical volunteers needed in Brazil, Nepal, Thailand, Uganda, ...
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Volunteering at a Kathmandu Hospital

Volunteering in a Kathmandu Hospital – Nepal

It´s been a childhood dream of mine to visit Nepal and the neighboring region of Tibet. Ikoporan in association with ...
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Brazil Medical Volunteer Program

Brazil Medical Volunteer Program and Health Awareness

As a volunteer on the Brazil Medical Volunteer Program you will be on the front lines of educating and raising awareness ...
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Ana Nrooleyne working as a medical volunteer with the Red Cross in Rio

Working with the Red Cross in Rio – Valuable experience

Volunteering with Iko Poran is definitely one of the most amazing experience I ever had. The organization gives you the ...
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Health promotion and education is an integral part of furthering the goals of development. With a well-informed and healthy population, anything is possible. However, there are extensive health problems that continue to threaten the wellbeing of the people. As a health volunteer you will be on the front lines of educating and raising awareness for healthcare issues impacting local communities. Whether you are involved in hands on health promotion and canvassing, healthcare advising, contraceptive literacy, or leading disease awareness workshops – your work will make an immediate, positive impact on your project.

Opportunities for medical health promotion volunteers

It is no secret that development countries healthcare systems are still in its early stages of development, and has limited impact on the poorest communities in these countries. As a result, many communities rely on local organizations and NGOs for healthcare advice and education, meaning it is up to the people to provide effective health awareness. Thus, it is imperative that these organizations are staffed with dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers to execute essential health activities.

Medical volunteers may have the opportunity to assist clinics and hospitals but they will not be allowed to partake in serious procedures.


Skills needed for medical health promotion volunteers

Volunteer examines the foot of a child in a Medical Health Promotion project

Programs are suitable for both experienced and inexperienced volunteers. However, volunteers will be placed according the their specific experience and qualification levels. It is an excellent opportunity for medical students to learn and gain experience in the field.