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Wonderfull Experience at the Children Hospital in Kathmandu! Rita from Portugal

Rita from Portugal spent six weeks as a medical volunteer at the Children Hospital in Kathmandu. She enjoyed living with a Nepales family, and soon overcame the language barrier. At the hospital, she learned about the practises of treatment, and found her way to help the children:

It was a wonderfull experience this 6 weeks in Kathmandu, a unic experience that I will never forget. I had an opportunitiy to learn first hand about Nepalese family life and to share everything with them, like it was my own family. Be a volunteer in Konti Children Hospital it was a rewarding experience. However in the beginning I felt little frustrated. Because of the language barrier, the diferent practices from what I used too, I felt that I didn’t help as much I desire.

But then I take the opportunity to observe, discover, learn about the health cares, most common diseases in Nepal and listen all the experience and dificulties of the parent’s and all the staff of the hospital.

I start to be able to help slowly according to my capabilities.

After this experience I felt lik the Nepali people did more for me than I did for them.  – Rita Gomes da Silva (Portugal)

How to be a volunteer at the Children Hospital in Kathmandu?

If you choose to travel as a medical volunteer in Nepal, you will  be working at the Pediatric Hospital in Kathmandu. At the Children Hospital, you will have both the opportunity to improve your medical skills and share your special knowlegde from your hoem country. While you are working at the clinic, you will discover the most eminent health issues that Nepal faces today. You will learn a great deal while also doing really valuable work.

Find all the detail necessary at our page with the volunteer programs in Nepal, and how to apply.

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ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad

Childcare in Nepal: Lena Roll Volunteering at an Orphanage in Kathmandu

Lena Roll, from USA, sharing her love in our Childcare in Nepal volunteer program. Well done Lena!!

Lena Roll from USA - Childcare in Nepal

Lena Roll from USA – Childcare in Nepal

Voluntering with Childcare in Nepal

Nepal has long suffered from insurgency and conflict. Many children have been left homeless and orphaned. Therefore, working with childcare in Nepal will give you the opportunity to make a humble difference in the lives of these children. You will be helping them day-to-day with learning. When you choose to organize recreational and extracurricular activities such as drawing, painting, singing, and dancing, the children will love it!  Last but not least, you will be educating them on important issues like sanitation.

Make the children feel someone truly cares about them

As a volunteer you will to make the children feel that they are with someone who truly cares about them. Even if your work doesn’t make a dramatic change in the life of he children, they will feel the love and affection you are sharing with them. They will feel they are special and beloved for someone and be grateful for your contribution.

Simply by playing and having fun with them, being honest and present, you will have a really positive impact on their daily life. The key objective of this childcare project is offering mental, intellectual, physical and social improvement to these deprived children.

Requirements & Qualifications to Volunteer on Childcare in Nepal:

There are no specific skills or qualifications required to volunteer in Nepal in our orphanage project, but those that are interested in social & child development are well received. If you love spending time caring for and playing with children, this volunteer project is for you.

Want to become a volunteer in Nepal?

Go ahead and enroll as a volunteer with us.

We will guide you step by step through the enrollment process, and you also will learn about everything provided with the program, costs and requirements.

Help to make the world a better place!

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