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Amazing Experience with turtles in Costa Rica

My experience at the turtles project was amazing. I had a lot of fun and met fantastic people from all over the world. The village is totally safe and local people are really kind.

Patrols at Night:  you’ll get to See Turtles coming slowly from the Ocean

The patrols at night were fine, you have to walk for four hours on the beach with guides, and if you’re on a lucky night you’ll get to see turtles coming slowly from the ocean, crossing the beach and laying eggs just in front of you. It’s something you want to live in your life, and something you want to protect.

  •  Marine, 21 years old, from Switzerland 

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Volunteer on the Rehabilitation of Injured and Orphaned Wildlife

Volunteer in South Africa holding, caring for and living with African wildlife is beyond most people’s wildest dreams.

Rehabilitation of Injured and Orphaned Wildlife

Protecting endeangered wildlife

Take part in essential conservation efforts in South Africa nursing animals in need back to health. In this once in a lifetime opportunity you will be working in a unique sanctuary filled with the most amazing species of birds and animals that Africa has to offer.

You will be doing incredible and meaningful work, giving your time and love to the rehabilitation of creatures big and small. You will wake up every morning to the chorus of the African dawn, living in a nearby lodge, and spend your days working hands on with the animals.

Staying only a few miles from the beach and the bush and other tourist attractions, this placement in South Africa has it all.

This experience will develop your insight into the wildlife of South Africa and really touch your heart.

Qualifications and requirements for animal conservation volunteers:

  • You must be 16+ years old.
  • You will have a key role helping to prepare food and feed the birds and animals twice a day – This is really important work and you must be willing to get stuck in.
  • You must love animals and birds and be committed to their recovery and wellbeing.
  • You will be expected to work hard and get your hands dirty – your responsibilities may include cleaning enclosures and aviaries, constructing new enclosures and checking for damage to fences in order to prevent anything getting in or out.

Location close to Port Elizabeth

Location of project:  Animal sanctuary on South Africa’s world renowned Garden Route next to Port Elizabeth

Arrival airport: Port Elizabeth (code PLZ)

Shared dormitory style room in wooden lodge at project (2-8 persons per room)

Food: All meals are included

Available from 2 to 8 weeks

Want to volunteer in South Africa?

Find the full information about volunteering in South Africa here, and proceed to the application form.

ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad

Unusual Friendships Between Animals and Humans

This morning I came across this video, showing unusual friendships between animals and humans. The video is in German, but the pictures speak for themselves. There is a woman, who rescued a lion from a circus, bought him free and embraces him on the video. Another story shows photos of two deers who made friends with the people of a village in Eastern Germany, peacefully walking through the streets, and even queuing up in front of the baker’s shop to get a bread in the morning. The unbelievable story of the “Spaghetti Tiger” who was fed spaghettis, when he was an orphaned baby, and continues on a vegetarian diet up to today.

The title of the video says “God did not create predators” and probably for some of us the religious and philosophical indications of the film go a bit far. I think, we should just open up our minds, that there is more mystery and beauty in nature as we usually presume, and make our own experiences.

Somehow, the pictures of the film coincide with the photos of aminal conservation volunteers in South Africa, showing love, even intimacy with the animals, monkeys, and big cats. It is an example how far love can reach out, and how grateful these animals are, starting to behave in a loving way, too.

What do you think? Would you like to share something of your personal experience, or philosophical thoughts?

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Camille Volunteering with Elephants in South Africa

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Rehabilitation of Injured and Orphaned Wildlife

Volunteer on the Rehabilitation of Injured and Orphaned Wildlife

Volunteer in South Africa holding, caring for and living with African wildlife is beyond most people’s wildest dreams. Protecting endeangered ...
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