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Volunteer on Reforestation in Ecuador’s Cloud Forest

Work as an environmental volunteer with the reforestation of Ecuador’s cloud forest and help achieving long-lasting positive results both for the environment and the local people. The community have been asked by the local government to plant and grow 20,000 trees to use for reforestation work across the region. Alongside this, the community group have also come together and bought a piece of land, where they would like to plant coffee plants and trees to grow and use for reforestation work in the area.

Reforestation in Ecuador: The Cloud Forest is a Vital Part of Life

The cloud forest and the trees within them form a vital part of the life and work of the community and this reforestation project will make a big difference. The community would love volunteer assistance to contribute towards this important project and to the community for years to come.

Would you like to join the Community as a Volunteer in Ecuador?

Find the complete information for volunteer work in Ecuador here. Learn about everything provided with the volunteer program, required language skills, costs involved and proceed with your application.

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