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Voluntour in Thailand this summer

Volunteer with Elephants in Surin and Enjoy Koh Phangan Island with the Voluntour Program!

With the Voluntour in Thailand program we offer you the best of the two worlds: combine the volunteer work with an unforgettable holiday in Thailand. Have fun, explore more of the country, make friends and live some unforgettable experiences.

Travel to Four Destinations in Thailand

Volunteer with Elephants in ThailandDuring four weeks you will travel to four destinations in Thailand. Upon arrival you will spend two nights in Bangkok exploring and taking in the lights of the city. Then, in the following two weeks you will work as a volunteer work at two different volunteer projects. The first volunteer experience will be caring for elephants in Surin, the second a construction project in Sanghklaburi. Finally, you will enjoy two weeks relaxing and partying with friends on a paradise island.

Meet the magnificent Elephants during the first week

Volunteer with Elephants in Surin

For the first week you will meet and work with the magnificent, gentle elephants living in the manhout village in Surin, immersing yourself in rural culture, taking part in centuries old traditions.

  • Volunteer with Elephants in Surin
    Volunteer with elephants in Surin

Find the program to volunteer with the elephants in Thailand on IKPVA’s Homepage.

Construction Volunteer Work in Sangkhlaburi

Then you will move on to Sangkhlaburi, working tirelessly and improving the lives of those less fortunate by providing much needed help with vital construction projects.

  • Work with construction

Enjoy Paradisiac Koh Phangan Island at the end of your stay

Finally, we think, you deserve a break on the island of Koh Phangan, a world famous party destination with some of the most beautiful beaches you can imagine! Your final two weeks will be spent with sand between your toes, soaking up the rays by day, and fire shows, delicious cocktails and good friends by night.

  • Beaches at Koh Phangan
    Beaches at Koh Phangan

Voluntour in Thailand – Two weeks

Voluntour Thailand

Voluntour – Four weeks

Voluntour - Four Weeks

All transfers and accommodations are included.

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ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad

Rio Volunteer- Interview with Patrick

Patrick was a Rio Volunteer in 2016. He is studying at the University of Bath in the UK.

Why did you choose this program?

I wanted to know the real Rio and get in touch with the locals through volunteering. This program helped me to gain first-hand experience while using my time in a meaningful way.

What did your program provider assist you with, and what did you have to organize on your own?

Iko Poran is a very professional and experienced volunteering program provider. Before my departure, I got very detailed and helpful advice ranging from visa and insurance information, to security tips. As for my inquiry emails, I always got very good answers in a timely manner. Upon my arrival, I met the welcome staff right at the airport, which made me feel warm and safe.

Before I started the volunteering, I received an orientation covering all aspects of life and volunteering work. Another thing is the guided tour of the city, which was very exciting. I got accompanied to the volunteering workplace. Iko Poran made sure I could start volunteering without any difficulty.

The living condition in the hostel was quite nice. Breakfast was provided and the coffee was amazing. Lunch and dinner were organized on our own, but there were plenty of choices in the restaurants around the hostel.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone going on your program?

One piece of advice I would like to give those who are interested in this program is: Don’t think too much and worry too much. This program is the best way to use the summer time well.

What does an average day/week look like as a participant of this program?

During a typical week, I worked four days and used the three-day weekend to explore the city. The balance of work and leisure was quite nice. In a weekday, I worked about 5-6 hours.

Going into your experience abroad, what was your biggest fear, and how did you overcome it and/or how did your views on the issue change?

To be honest, the biggest fear of volunteering in Rio is about personal safety, as the violence was portrayed extensively by media. However, after I saw the city and got in touch with the people, I realized most of the fears were created by the media.

The Brazilian people are quite friendly and warm-hearted. I had the happiest time in Brazil. The best way to get rid of the fear is to see the country for yourself and get in touch with the people.

How does volunteering affect someone’s life?​

I worked with children in a low-income community. I felt that volunteers could add content to children’s after-class time. Also, we let them see and get in touch with some people from other countries, which broadened their visions.

In return, I benefited greatly in several ways. I saw another world and learned so much about this country. I began to think more broadly and critically after the volunteering.

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ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad

Ghana needs volunteers

Ghana needs volunteers! It will be your best travel experience at the most affordable fees with Iko Poran!

Find out more about Ghana Volunteer Programs .

ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad

What it’s like to be a volunteer in Rio

From my initial inquiry about to volunteer in Rio with Iko Poran, the local Coordinator was prompt and helpful. Upon my arrival in Rio and meeting the team, I always felt that I could call on them for assistance. They gave us these great tips and tour of our local area but then basically just let us get on with things.

A wonderful time in Rio

The most wonderful part of my time in Rio was working with the Jocum Mission in Borel. I was lucky to be able to participate in two projects; one being working with a women’s artisan group, where I taught basic English and helped to make artisan products with them. The other was working at a local creche in the room that cared for the 2 to 3 year olds providing stability, food and nurturing. The overall program director for Jocum is truly one of the kindest and most inspiring people I have ever met. She ensured that I was happy and safe at all times.

Working in a community — favela

The community (favela) itself was pretty much as I imagined, although I did initially feel a bit confronted by the poverty and lifestyle there, but you don’t go to volunteer in Rio in a community that is rich or with no issues. I knew that we (at Jocum) really made a difference in a community that really needed us. It made the experience truly worthwhile. To say that I was engaged with the community is an understatement. From elders to the little kids, they seemed to embrace me and treat me like I was part of the community. There were many tears on my final day with them, I miss them every day

Volunteer in Rio with the project staff
Volunteer in Rio with the project staff

Living in Santa Teresa

You will be living in Santa Teresa a gorgeous old suburb of Rio with a bohemian vibe and amazing views and awesome little bars and restaurants it was just a joy to spend time there every day. With my follow volunteers, we explored the city and made it our home. Rio de Janeiro one of THE most amazing cities in the world. It is all that you expect, fun, buzzy, beautiful, dangerous, exciting all rolled into one.

Living at the volunteer accommodation

Definitely one of the best things about the whole volunteering experience was the fact that I met so many amazing, funny, compassion and adventurous people whilst living at the volunteer accommodation. We came from different countries, cultures and backgrounds, yet we all had a special something in common. We all chose to volunteer in Rio and engage with a community, therefore we all seemed to bond so quickly. We helped and supported each other through our many adventures (including fab weekend trips to other parts of Rio De Janeiro like Paraty and Ilha Grande) and in the end I know I have made so many friends for life.

Experience – fun, challenging, confronting at time, and spectacular at others

Overall this experience was even better than I could have imagined. It was fun, challenging, confronting at times and spectacular at others. If I could give anyone a few tips about getting the most out of this experience is firstly try to have some basic knowledge of Portuguese (the more you know the quicker you will engage with the community and Cariocas), have an open mind and an open heart and, most of all, make the most of everyday and all the experiences that come along. This is one of the best experiences of my life.

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ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad

Share Love and Joy

Share Love, and have a joyful experience. Love grows, when shared.

“The hostel staff and life was amazing they made me feel right at home and I met awesome people there through my whole stay, the fellow volunteers still feels like family to me, I had enough open time to check out other projects out as well and see Rio by myself!” – Evan (Pretoria, South Africa)

Cris Queiroga in South Africa

Cris Queiroga teacing children in South Africa

Cris Queiroz teaching in South Africa

“I believe that no video, no photo can express what I felt … I just have to thank God for the opportunity. Family and friends for all encouragement for me to take this trip! Everything is worth it, when the soul is not small” – Cris Queiroga

Samantha in Kenya

“Just being there with the people was a life changing experience, I had the best time in Cannan Orphanage, the kids are the most beautiful kids I’ve ever seen, teaching them and playing with them was so fulfilling.” – Samantha in Kenya

Zach Luster in Uganda

“This is an experience that will hold forever. I was able to bring water to those in need.” – Zach Luster, volunteering in Uganda

Katrijn in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“The volunteering itself was absolutely amazing, we were playing ball games with the children, rope skipping, drawing, we did some painting as well and they loved it!” – Katrijn, volunteering in Rio de Janeiro

Paige, volunteering on Sea Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

“I had a fantastic time in Costa Rica with the turtles and I met many people and created memories I will never forget. I definitely recommend Iko Poran and the Sea Turtle experience in Costa Rica and I cannot wait until I volunteer with them again. Pura Vida!”  – Paige in Costa Rica


ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad

Volunteers make the World a Better Place

Get inspired by some of the photos of Iko Poran Volunteers in many countries working for a better world.

Paige working with sea turtles in Costa Rica

Paige working with sea turtles in Costa Rica

Paige working with sea turtles in Costa Rica

I had a fantastic time in Costa Rica with the turtles and I met many people and created memories I will never forget. I definitely recommend Iko Poran and the Sea Turtle experiece in Costa Rica and I cannot wait until I volunteer with them again. Pura Vida! – Paige, 19 years old, Costa Rica

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Helping Orphaned Vervet Monkeys in South Africa

Gijs van Suijlichem volunteering with monkeys in South Africa

Gijs van Suijlichem volunteering with monkeys in South Africa

“I’m having a wonderful time here and there is nothing that I don’t like.”
Gijs van Suijlichem has been volunteering in South Africa on Vervet Monkeys




The most wonderful experience

Most wonderful Experience

Cris Queiroga teaching English in South Africa – Kids saying goodbye

Travelling to South Africa as a volunteer was the most amazing experience I have ever had in my life.
Felipe and Allie were very nice since the beggining of the process. They were very supportive.
They accomplish what they promise.
Teaching in Doreen was the best experience I´ve has as an English teacher. You learn a lot from the kids. Everyone at creche is so nice to you.
If I could give anyone´s advice I would say: Be a volunteer in South Africa. It´s worth. – Cristina Queiroga, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Find Cris Queiroga’s full statement here

Best experience of my life – Samantha in Kenya

Best Experience of my Life

Samantha in Kenya

Just being there with the people was a life changing experience, I had the best time in Cannan Orphanage, the kids are the most beautiful kids I´ve ever seen, teaching them and playing with them was so fulfilling. Also the country is beautiful, in the weekends I would book tours and excursions around Mombassa and see everything Kenya has to offer. At the end I left like a different person, it was by far the best 4 months of my life. Because of that experience i decided to go into Clinical Nutrition in university and do more volunteering like this in the future. – Samantha from Mexico City

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I really felt like a family – volunteering in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Sports ProgramWith the city of Buenos Aires just a half an hour train away as well as other day trips such as Tigre and Temaiken close too, San Isidro offers not just a great support scheme for young affected children, through the Fundación Cor program, but also offers a great location to spend your time during the program.

With a range of children from about 4 months to 13 years it really felt like a family here – which is precisely what those kids need. That and a bit of love and attention of course. I felt a real connection with not just the kids but also the super caring staff.

This program really must be considered by anyone with an interest for volunteering or just putting a smile on the faces that need it most. – Matt, 19 years old, West Sussex, England 

Find Matt’s full statement here

Three unforgettable weeks – Nadir from Brazil volunteering at the Orphanage in Arusha, Tanzania

Nadir with the children at the orphanage in Tanzania

Nadir with the children

I’m from Brazil.

I’ve had three unforgettable weeks working as a volunteer in Arusha, Tanzania.
To be in a foreign country, especially in a continent so different from our western life was the first impact.
The second impact was the institution “The Orphanage” with many children that wanted affection. Besides the affection they’ve wanted to learn more.
On the other hand, the great variety of necessities of this institution: food, clothes, didactic materials, domestic services, etc.
But that’s What I’ve thought. – Nadir Oliveira, Brazil


Find Nadir’s full statement here



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