Teaching English Volunteer Program

Working as a volunteer teaching English, you will be working side-by-side with your students, encouraging cultural understanding and sharing perspectives to help prepare them for future employment and better opportunities.

As an English teacher you will also be exposing your students to one of the world’s most spoken languages. Students range in age from primary school age to the elderly – but no matter who sits in your classroom, teaching English is bound to be an extraordinarily fulfilling experience.

Teaching English in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, Nepal, South Africa...

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Opportunities Teaching English

English instruction in the World is spotty at best, so volunteering to teach English will provide young students with a supplement to what they learn in school and will give people who never took English courses the opportunity to learn the language. It is also an excellent opportunity to give those living in low-income communities a chance to broaden their horizons and have access to the language that fuels the global economy.

  • Teach and bond with gorgeous kids and youngsters from unprivileged communities.
  • Learning about their life, culture and history from a local perspective.
  • Experiencing amazing and picturesque cities and all that goes with it.

Skills needed for Teaching English

If you’re thinking about volunteering to teach and have no experience, don’t worry! The teaching placements are flexible – from tutoring a few students to teaching an entire class. Volunteers also often help each other in planning lessons and activities – but the simple fact that there is an English speaker leading discussion makes a tremendous impact on language acquisition.

The project exposes students from low-income communities o the world’s most commonly spoken language, one that fuels the global economy.

  • The inclusion of an English speaker leading the discussion makes a tremendous impact on language acquisition.
  • In most projects volunteers are expected to create their own lesson plans and often work together on these.
  • Please note, volunteers do not need to be a qualified or experienced teacher to participate on the Teach English project.

Feel inspired?

If you would like to become a volunteer teaching English, please have a look at the volunteer programs in the countries shown above, and there you will find the complete details and step by step instructions how to sign up as a volunteer.