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Medical Volunteer in Thailand: Internship at a Hospital in Surin

Medical Volunteer in Thailand

Volunteer on Healthcare in  Surin – Thailand

We offer a medical internship at a hospital in Surin to work as a medical volunteer in Thailand. The small community hospital is similar to most western clinics, and provides for the health of the population in one of the poorest provinces of Thailand.

Since the clinic is responsible for maintaining the health and well-being of the local village community, your contribution as a medical volunteer is so important. Around 7000 people live in the vicinity of the clinic, most of them from the poorest backgrounds.

Focus of work in medical internship in Thailand

The medical staff at the hospital will select your medical internship assignments according to your experience and specialist knowledge. Medical volunteers with formal medical experience will have the opportunity to undergo non-invasive treatment to the patient under the supervision of the Thai medical team.

Thai Health System: Support the local staff at the clinic and help raising health awareness

The medical volunteer program is not designed to interfere with the Thai healthcare system or bring about major changes. The goal is to raise awareness of the complex health issues facing rural Thai communities and to support local staff in their work.

Medical internship in Thailand: gaining experience and getting to know the culture

In addition, the experience as a medical volunteer in Thailand provides a wonderful and culturally impressive experience. Since, of course, the Thai culture will be new to most, we encourage you to be open to new impressions!


The medical internship in Thailand is very popular with the volunteers. That’s why volunteers can be grouped during peak periods to do medical internships at multiple locations.

Meals for medical volunteers in Thailand:

Please allow US $ 10-15 a day for basic meals and also keep in mind, you’ll spend a little more on group excursions and evening outings.

Arrival Airport:

Bangkok International Airport, Suvarnabhumi – BKK.

Are you interested in joining the medical internship as a medical volunteer in Thailand?

Visit our healthcare volunteering project in Surin, and find all the information for signing up.

Learn all about Volunteer Programs in Thailand, detailed program details, accommodation and fees.

From this page you can access the application form. If you submit the form, we will contact you within 48 hours and arrange everything for your voluntary stay.

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