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I had a great time in Rio – Medical Volunteer

Great Time in Rio

I had a great time in Rio learning about the culture and building relationships with the people in the Engenho de Rainha community. I worked with talented, passionate and hardworking health professionals who were willing to help and answer questions at all times. I really enjoyed being immersed in the community and learning about all aspects of the healthcare system in Rio de Janeiro in particular including the many challenges. This was an unforgettable experience I would highly recommend. – Jefrin

Medical internship in Rio de Janeiro

Working as a Volunteer in the medical field in Rio de Janeiro is a great opportunity to help the poorer parts of Rio with a variety of medical issues. As a medical intern, you can work in a clinic and assist the local doctors and nurses. In addition, you can also promote health awareness in the suburbs and favelas of Rio and provide important educational work.

An open-minded medical team on site is always at your side

As our interns told us, the clinics are full of devoted doctors and nurses who really gave them an insight into how the clinic works. The whole medical team is very nice and ready to work with the volunteers, even if the volunteers are still learining Portuguese. Finally, you can have good learning experiences, shadow doctors, and learn some basic medical techniques

Immerse yourself in the culture and art of life of Rio de Janeiro during the medical internship

The Medical Volunteer Program allows you to immerse yourself in the culture and get a feel for the Brazilian health care system. But of course you also have enough free time to enjoy the vibrant life in the city center and to be on the beach of Copacabana or Ipanema!

Feel inspired to work as a medical volunteer with the healthcare system in Rio?

Find the healthcare volunteer project in Rio on IKPVA’s Homepage, or go to our page with all the volunteer programs in Brazil.

You can go to our page with all the medical internship programs in more countries like Peru, India and Uganda as well.

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