Internship at the Pediatric Hospital in Kathmandu: Rita from Portugal

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Internship at the Pediatric Hospital in Kathmandu: Rita from Portugal

Rita Gomes Silva, from Portugal has been treating children at the Pediatric Hospital in Kathmandu during her medical volunteer program in Nepal.

About the Medical Internship at the Pediatric Hospital in Kathmandu

As a medical volunteer in Nepal you will  be working at the Pediatric Hospital in Kathmandu. There, you will have both the opportunity to improve and share your medical skills. While you are working at the clinic, you will discover the most eminent health issues that Nepal faces today. You will learn a great deal while also doing really valuable work. Your volunteer work will have not anly have a positive impact on the local community but also help the further development of the Nepalese healthcare system.

The medical team at the Pediatric Hospital will decide your duties according to your abilities and experience. If you have adequate medical training or formal experience, you will be even able to practice non-intrusive care under the guidance of the local medical team of the clinic. After all, the Pediatric Hospital will welcome you as a keen learner.  At the same time you will be able to share your knowledge of the medical techniques from your home country.

Learn more about the Medical Program at the Pediatric Hospital in Nepal

If you want to go for the medical internship at the Pediatric Hospital in Kathmandu, go to our page about volunteering in Nepal, where you will find also the link for sign up.

Case you want to learn more about other medical internships overseas, find them on our page with the medical volunteer abroad programs.

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