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Saving the Baby Sea Turtles in Costa Rica: Morgan Bureau from France

Morgan Bureau France Saving Baby Sea Turtles

Morgan Bureau from France joined our volunteer project to save the baby sea turtles in Costa Rica and is having fun doing it. We are excited about her participation in the ecological project and would like to thank Morgan so much! Her work together with the other volunteers is a vital piece to preserve the ecological balance of the oceans and the natural beauty in Costa Rica. Since poachers prey on the baby sea turtles when they try to crawl to the water, our volunteers go for patrols during the night on the beach to protect the turtles.

Marine Conservation Project in Costa Rica to save Baby Sea Turtles

Go for a very special trip to volunteer in Costa Rica with this wonderful baby sea turtle conservation project in a paradisiac Caribbean community. Help protecting the baby sea turtles crawling to sea from poachers! We have developed this very affordable marine conservation project with your budget in mind. Our prices are among the cheapest!

Learn Spanish while working with the Baby Sea Turtles

It is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself into the Spanish language at the same time you help to protect endangered species of sea turtles. You will see giant female sea turtles nesting on the beach and baby turtles crawling out of their nests in the sand towards the ocean.It is an exciting opportunity to help a town that relies on its sea turtle population and to contribute to the growth and success of this grassroots conservation project.

Learn more about our volunteer projects in Costa Rica

Visit our page with the full information about volunteering in Costa Rica and how to sign up. You might also be interested in reading more about wildlife volunteering in more countries.

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