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Silvia from Portugal spent her Christmas helping children in Cusco, Peru

Sílvia Malheiro, from Portugal, chose to spend her Christmas helping children in Cusco, and she is loving it.

How to help the Children in Cusco as a Childcare Volunteer

If you are looking for a truly inspiring workaway volunteer opportunity, try out our childcare program at a Kindergarten in Cuzco.

These daycares sometimes are called Wawa Wasi in Quechua as well.

The Quechua words means house of the kids. The Wawa Wasi National Peruvian Program provides comprehensive early childhood care to cover the need for day care for children under 4, children of working mothers or parents.

Moreover you can help children in Cuzco who are vulnerable, because they are living in conditions of extreme poverty.

Since the work with the children is so rewarding, you will begin to see life in a different way. With you voluntary work, you will give the chidren the chance to socialize, play and learn new skills in a safe area.

These day care centers desperately need volunteers because each of the team’s educators has to care for at least 8 children from 1 month to 4 years. So, you can fill in the gap and give the children more attention! Your role includes also to organize short indoor activities such as art & craft, reading fairytale stories, coloring, playing games, serving food, cleaning and tidying, etc.

Volunteers must have a lot of love and energy to give to these children, and can expect to receive the same in kind. A flexible attitude is also vital to making the most rewarding experience.

How you can help the children in Cusco

Visit the childcare project at a kindergarten in Cuzco. on our official homepage. Find the full information about volunteering projects in Peru and how to apply here. If you are interested in volunteering with children in more countries, find our childcare volunteer projects abroad.

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Volunteering at a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal was the Best Decision of my Life

I must say volunteering at a buddhist monastery in Nepal was the best decision of my life. Not only do i have the oportunity to pass knowledge along, as i can hang out with the children from the monastery and the locals from the village anytime. It’s a truly immersive experience.

Daily Meditation at the Monastery before Sunrise

I can wake up at 5 am and participate in their daily meditation, which is a true privilege, at 6:30 am i watch the sunrise and take breakfast, and by 9:30 i’m starting the day in the best way, playing educational games with the kids and teaching them grammar. To get their atention, i have to create different challenges every day, so this is both stimulating for me and for them.

Nepal is a Magical Place

At night we have dinner all together and sometimes, the chosen game is to catch fireflies and watch their light. So, it’s a different routine, with new details that amaze me everyday. Nepal is a magical place and Hasantar nunnery is like home.

How can this program be improved?

I think the program can be improved by keeping track of what is being taught to the children, so that they can make progress, since teachers are constantly changing and sometimes they end up repeating the same syllabus. – Ana, 20 years old, from Portugal

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Assistant Teacher in South Africa at a Primary School in Cape Town

Work as an assistant teacher at a Primary School in beautiful Cape Town! The Southern Peninsula of Cape Town with its beautiful landscape attracts many tourists every day. However, what tourists don't realize, in the same area there are still poor communities, where the residents lack education and employment.

Teaching Assistant at a Primary School in the Community

But at the very heart of the community, a primary school thrives to provide an excellent education for the children. Even with a shortage of funds, teachers dedicate themselves to provide a better future for their young students. That's where you can jump in to fill the gap, supporting the local teachers. After all, you will enjoy teaching these enthusiastic youngsters at school. With your volunteer work at this teaching internship, you really will make a difference in their lives!

Working Schedule for the Assistant Teachers at the Primary School

Assistant Teacher with the students

Assistant Teacher with the students

During the day, you’ll assist the local teachers in their classes. You can also work in parallel on other fantastic development projects in order to support the school. Bring your smile, your creativity and all your great ideas about learning in order to help these children finding their way out of poverty. While these smiling little faces will open up your heart, you will look at life in a different way. After all, you will take unforgettable memories home!

Key Benefits for the students at the Primary School:

Using and practicing your teaching skills to teach underprivileged children who really need your help
Learn about these communities, their history and culture – and how you can make a difference.
Experience beautiful Cape Town and all it has to offer.

Make a Difference for the Young Students in Cape Town

Help teach these enthusiastic youngsters and really make a difference in their lives. You’ll have the opportunity to teach children aged 6 - 18 years old. You will assist teachers in their classes and on other fantastic development projects which support the school and the rest of their community. With only 33 teachers for nearly 750 children, this is a fantastic opportunity to gain teaching experience or work alongside a teacher.

About the Teaching Internship at the Primary School in Cape Town

This is a government primary school which is open to the kids in the area who generally don’t have much money. The school is so important because there are still high levels of illiteracy. Even though funds are short, the staff at this school work hard to provide quality education for these children. So children will be able to develop their full potential. After school, they will have better job opportunities.

The teachers at school strive to foster initiative, individuality, and integrity and provide the children with the learning to be able to tackle life head-on. They teach them the power of positivity, perseverance, and ambition. Within their limited means, the kids are given a chance to have a promising future and stop the circle of poverty.
Your creativity and input are very much welcomed at the school if you have any suggestions to help improve learning in the classroom please tell the local team.

How to be an assistant teacher in South Africa

Find here start dates and location of the teaching internship. The large volunteer house in Fish Hoek will be your happy home for this internhsip. It accommodates up to 20 people (our volunteers only) in dormitory-style, same sex rooms with bunk beds, a maximum of six people per room. You will find even a pool and garden terrace - a perfect place to relax after work!

Project duration: Four or eight weeks
Location of project: Southern Peninsula, Cape Town
Arrival airport: Cape Town (airport code CPT) arrive by 4.15pm at the latest
Activities: Working as a teacher’s assistant, helping underprivileged children with learning and play activities
Working hours: Monday to Friday, 8am - 2pm, weekend are free
Requirements: Minimum age 18, police check required (fees apply)
For you to organise: Flights, insurance, visas, return airport transfer (at the end of your trip)

Advice & Safety
Throughout your programmes you will have the support and guidance of the programme co-ordinator and team. You will be provided with competent assistance and help with any questions or advice you may need during your stay and someone will always be available in case of emergency.

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