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Organic Farming in Ecuador: Ecological Volunteer Project

Organic Farming Ecuador

Join our organic farming volunteer project in a small village of Ecuador’s Cloud Forest. During this ecological volunteer placement, you can also learn to live in harmony with nature!

At your host family you can help feeding the animals or learn to hand-milk the cows. At the organic community farm, volunteers can work on the weeding gardens or cultivate organic vegetables.

In the Equatorian Cloud Forest, you can help creating footpaths for trekking. A great opportunity to further sustainable tourism!

After all, you can participate in several specialised farming volunteer opportunities.

Leisure Activities in Ecuador

A wide range of leisure activities during your free time complement this unique volunteer experience. You can choose from  horse riding, bird watching, swim in rivers and waterfalls. A visit to the museum completes you volunteer trip, while you also will enjoy exploring the stunning cloud forests.

Join us for the experience of your lifetime!

You may combine organic farming with other volunteer projects

Volunteers have a very personal experience with a flexible approach. During your stay, you can combine this ecological farming project with other activities, like planting trees in a reforestation effort in the Cloud Forest. A flexible volunteer placement gives you the opportunity, to combine the environmental project with teaching English at school or learning Equatorian Arts & Crafts, at the Artisan shop of the village.

How to be a volunteer on organic farming in Ecuador

Visit our page with the full details about volunteering in Ecuador, and how to sign up.

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