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Volunteer Teachers at a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal

Teaching young monks

Luca Vlasceanu & Virgil Munteanu, from Romania, enjoy teaching young monks as volunteer teachers at a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal. Way to go, guys, ??????

Embark on a unique Volunteer Trip to Nepal to teach English at Buddhist monastery in Aarubari, Nepal. The monastery is located in the beautiful mountain landscape of Jorpati, near Kathmandu.

As a volunteer teacher you not only have the opportunity to pass on your English skills to the inquisitive young monks, you will also meet locals in the village and get to know the culture.

Immerse yourself in the spiritual world of Buddhism

If you wake up at five o’clock in the morning, you can join in the morning meditation in the monastery. Later, at 6:30, you will see the sun rise over the Himalayan mountains and have breakfast.

Volunteer Teachers at the Buddhist Monastery in Aarubari

In that way, you will be in the best of class in the class with your students. If you bring some imagination with you, you will soon be able to teach the young monks the first foundations of English. It is best to encourage them, because some of the children come from difficult backgrounds.

English as a chance to see the children at the monastery school

Of course, the students want to learn English because it opens up new possibilities for their future career. This is where voluntary English teaching plays a key role, as it also facilitates access to the university.

Join the Teaching Project at the Aarubari Monastery

Visit our page with the English Teaching Project at the monastery school in Nepal, an find the full information in order to sign up.

However, there are more exciting volunteer projects in Nepal waiting for you! Volunteers can also teach English at a public school, and medical students can join a medical internship at the Pediatric Clinic in Kathmandu.

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