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Medical Volunteer in Cuzco: Felipe had magical moments in Peru

Felipe a medical volunteer in Cuzco Peru

It was actually one of the best moments of my life, got to know a lot of the culture in Cuzco (Peru). Could help a lot of children in the school and hospital . Amazing !! Host family was so adorable, helped me out with a lot of stuffs. I could practise a lot of my Spanish and english. I met there the other volunteers from USA and Portugal they were so funny and kind to me, i was able to share with them my culture of Brazil, teach a little bit of Portuguese and so many other things. At the last 3 days in Cuzco i met my parents so we went to Laguna Humantay and Machu Pichu.

What is your advice to future travelers on this program?

Be ready to improve your English/Spanish language. – Felipe, 25 years, Brazil

How can I work as a medical volunteer in Cuzco?

As a medical student or doctor, you can join the medical internship in Peru to improve the health of Peruvians. As we focus on providing medical care to low-income families, we will place you in medical centers in deprived areas in Peru.

Felipe is helping children as a medical volunteer

The volunteer work is very valuable as these medical centers often have very few qualified medical staff available. In addition, the health centers are not well equipped with medical instruments and medicines. Medical interns contribute significantly to the care of the patients.

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