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The most intense experience I’ve ever lived: Alessandra in South Africa

Alessandra Bertoldi

It was the most intense experience I ever had in my life. As much as the photos and videos portray the moments, the truth is that only you experienced all that. Every affectionate look, every genuine smile, every sincere hug. Experience fills you and makes you realize that giving to those in need is one of the most rewarding things in life.

Alessandra Bertoldi with the children
Alessandra Bertoldi intense experience with the children

And most of all, you find that making a child smile makes you smile a thousand times more. If you have the opportunity to know a culture completely different from the one you live in, don’t think twice… Go! And believe me, you will come back transformed.

I hope I have done for these children at least a little of what they have done for me. Because honestly, nothing I do or have done will be enough to return all the love I received.

What was your funniest moment?

Dancing local songs with the kids, they have an energy and a surreal waddle. It was very funny! – Alessandra Bertoldi, Brazil

Are you ready for an intense experience with the children of Cape Town?

Participate as a volunteer educator in a kindergarten program in South Africa.

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