Beatriz Barbosa feeling like home

I felt home like never before: Beatriz from Portugal

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Since I started the preparation for the program, I had all the help that I needed from Iko Poran and their partner Foundation. Everything was made with time and carefully explained to me so that there would be no pressure or mistakes on my trip to Ghana. From moment one, when the organization picked me […]

Michael Dodge teaches at a High School in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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Michael Dodge from the USA teaches in Ethiopia, at a boarding school and high school in Addis Ababa. By teaching his skills to the young student, he wants to contribute to a better future for the young people. You can choose from responsible and authentic volunteer projects in Ethiopia, all designed to give Abraham boarding […]

Frederikke Cronquist Denmark teaching English to Tour Guides

Tour guides in Rio learn English with Frederikke from Denmark

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Volunteer Frederikke Cronquist from Denmark is teaching English for tour guides in Rio de Janeiro and teaching drawing techniques for young people. Many thanks Frederikke! You make us believe that a better world is possible! Teaching English for Tour Guides in Brazil For tour guides, among other professions, learning English is essential to their work. […]

Patricia with her students in India

Teaching at school in India: Patricia and Rui from Portugal

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Patricia Oliveira & Rui Falhas Santos have been teaching at school in India. Both volunteer teachers come from Portugal and are giving back & making a difference in Jaipur. Volunteer teaching at school in India Iko Poran Volunteer Abroad opened us the door for an amazing volunteering experience. Through this institution we met AII Group […]

Mathilde Steiness Teaching in Ghana

Mathilde Steiness from Denmark enjoys Teaching in Ghana

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Mathilde Steiness, a volunteer from Denmark, has been teaching in Ghana: I’m super happy with the work and the program down here. I definitely acknowledge and see the need for help and aid. Ghana is a rich and colourful place, humming with culture and rhythm. If you are in search of an authentic experience, Ghana […]

Volunteering at a Buddhist Monastery

Volunteering at a Buddhist Monastery in Nepal was the Best Decision of my Life

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I must say volunteering at a buddhist monastery in Nepal was the best decision of my life. Not only do i have the oportunity to pass knowledge along, as i can hang out with the children from the monastery and the locals from the village anytime. It’s a truly immersive experience. Daily Meditation at the […]

Assistant Teacher in South Africa

Assistant Teacher in South Africa at a Primary School in Cape Town

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Work as an assistant teacher in South Africa at a Primary School in beautiful Cape Town! The Southern Peninsula of Cape Town with its beautiful landscape attracts many tourists every day. However, what tourists don’t realize, in the same area there are still poor communities, where the residents lack education and employment. Teaching Assistant at […]

Ana Margarida Teaching young monks in Nepal

Teaching Young Monks at a Buddhist Monastery: Ana Margarida from Portugal

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Ana Margarida Paixão Brazão, from Portugal, teaching Young Monks in a Buddist Monastery, Nepal. The young monks in Nepal want to learn English in order to further their academic and professional opportunities. The Buddhist Monastery, where you’ll be teaching, is located within the peaceful highlands of the Kathmandu valley. Learn about the Buddhist Ideals of Peace […]

Filipa Pereira Portugal Natasha Smith USA with the young monks at the Buddhist Monastery

Teaching Young Monks at the Buddhist Monastery: Filipa from Portugal and Natasha from the US

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Two young women from two different continents joined for a volunteer experience teaching young monks at a Buddhist Monastery. Find on the photo Filipa Pereira, from Portugal, and Natasha Smith, from the US, with some of their English students in Nepal. Thank you, Ladies!! The world is better because of you. Carol Masten commented on […]

Gabriela celebrating San Juan with her students in Iquitos

Celebrating San Juan with her Students in Iquitos: Gabriela from Brazil

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Gabriela Lopes, from Brazil, has been celebrating San Juan with students from her Teaching Program in Peru. San Juan is a great festival in Iquitos, and the volunteer experience in the Peruvian Amazon was magnificent! Teaching Program in Iquitos, Peru Volunteering as teaching assistent in a small village in the Peruvian Amazon is an excellent […]