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Costa Rica Volunteer Trip – Paige’s Trip to Save the Sea Turtles

View here Paige’s video from her Costa Rica volunteer trip to save the sea turtles:

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What Paige is saying about her volunteer trip to Costa Rica:

I would HIGHLY recommend this volunteer experience. I did lots of research going into this trying to find the most affordable program, and Iko Poran was definitely the most affordable. I was doing the same volunteer work as volunteers from all over the world, but I was paying much less money to do so.

I had a fantastic time in Costa Rica with the turtles and I met many people and created memories I will never forget. I definitely recommend Iko Poran and the Sea Turtle experience in Costa Rica and I cannot wait until I volunteer with them again. Pura Vida!

  • Paige, 19 years old, Costa Rica

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ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad

Volunteers make the world a better place

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Young children need love. Leopards need shelter A community in Uganda needs water. Since there is help needed in so many cases, put hands on, and make the world a better place. Moreover, volunteering abroad is a form of sustainable tourism, too.

Share Love and Joy – Travel to Fifteen Awesome Destinations

Travel to 15 awsome directions. Iko Poran, a volunteer, non-profit organization in Rio de Janeiro, organizes volunteer trips to 15 countries. Within the destinations  are Brazil, South Africa, Uganda, Peru, Nepal and many more.

Speical Thanks to Ratner Family

We would like to Ratner family from Israel who have been volunteering in Uganda and sent us clips from their volunteer trips. On the videos, you can see them dancing and singing with the children and working on the construction of a pit latrine.

Find the testimonial of Ratner Family in Uganda here.

ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer in Uganda – Videos

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The Ratner family finishes the construction of a water fountain in Uganda.
Thank you very much!! People like you make us believe that another world is possible!!

ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad

Spectaculu – Volunteer on Arts in Rio de Janeiro

Excellent partner project in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where IKPVA has been placing volunteers since 2004 to work with Art & Design.
Video produced and filmed by one of the volunteers.

Find out more about volunteering in Brazil

ByAffordable Volunteer Abroad

Centro Cultural Tatiane Lima – Rio de Janeiro

Partner project where we have been placing volunteers to teach English and other activities since 2007

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