Best Volunteer Programs for Older Adults

Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Older Adults

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Have you ever wondered, what would be the best volunteer abroad options for older adults? Most of the volunteers seem to be still in their teens or twens, just leaving college and looking for an outstanding experience overseas before going to university. But, adventures and new cultural experiences are not just limited to young people! […]

New Volunteers in Rio de Janeiro Teaching English

Volunteer in Rio de Janeiro Teaching English

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What about volunteering in Rio de Janeiro teaching English? Rio de Janeiro is still one of the most charming volunteer destinations. Since people are very welcoming and eager to learn English from a native speaker, you will have a unique experience! While teaching young kids from the favela, you will enjoy to get around in […]

Volunteers making children smile in Brazil

Volunteers making children smile in Brazil

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Volunteers from all over the world unite to make the children smile in Rio: Mariangel Chaves Rodriguez, from Costa Rica, Iona MacTaggart, from Scotland, and Laura Vidal Llonch, from Spain came to Rio, to care for the children at a day care. Thank you very much ladies! You make us believe that “another world is possible”! […]

Teaching English in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Teaching English in Rio de Janeiro

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Volunteer in Brazil and  teaching English in Rio de Janeiro, learning Portuguese, and providing access to one of the world’s most spoken languages. This incredible volunteer project allows for much more than a standard teaching job. While teaching English in Rio, you will be fully submerged into the culture of the Brazilian people – and will end […]

Moon Party in Thailand whilst Volunteering

What about a Moon Party in Thailand this Summer whilst Volunteering?

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What about a moon party in Thailand this summer whilst volunteering, making lifelong friends & giving back? Unforgettable travel experience!  Volunteer programs in Thailand at a glanceOur programs to volunteer in Thailand are located all over the country.We offer Teaching, Childcare, Medical and Elephants programs in Surin and we also have an amazing Voluntour program in which […]

Volunteer at Jaipur India

Volunteer at Jaipur India – Beautiful Destination

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Work as a volunteer at Jaipur,  one of the most beautiiful destinations in India. This fascinating capital of the state of Rajasthan is one of the best-planned cities of its time. Jaipur was established by the then Maharaja, Sawai Jai Singh in the year 1927. The graceful architecture of the City with predominantly pink colour […]

Volunteering protecting Vervet Monkeys in South Africa

Vervet Monkeys Volunteer Program in South Africa

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Make part of the vervet monkeys animal conservation volunteer program in South Africa where help is needed with the integration of the foster moms of 23 little orphans back into the troops. Orphaned Vervet Monkeys from other places are given a loving home…. Join the family at this amazing primate sanctuary. At this special initiative, orphaned […]