Best Volunteer Programs for Older Adults

Best Volunteer Abroad Programs for Older Adults

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Have you ever wondered, what would be the best volunteer abroad options for older adults? Most of the volunteers seem to be still in their teens or twens, just leaving college and looking for an outstanding experience overseas before going to university. But, adventures and new cultural experiences are not just limited to young people! […]

Ephrat bought new training jackets

Ephrat from Ethiopia bought training jackets and a new ball for the football school

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Ephrat Fisseha, from Ethiopia, bought training jackets and a new ball for the football school at her Child Development project. Thank you very much Ephrat!! Our world is a better place, because of people like you❤ Feel inspired to volunteer in Brazil? Learn more about football volunteering and child development in Brazil on our Homepage, […]

Voluntour in Thailand

Voluntour in Thailand this summer

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Volunteer with Elephants in Surin and Enjoy Koh Phangan Island with the Voluntour Program! With the Voluntour in Thailand program we offer you the best of the two worlds: combine the volunteer work with an unforgettable holiday in Thailand. With these volunteer vacations you will have fun, explore more of the country, make friends and […]

Volunteer in Brazil - Child Development

Volunteering with Iko Poran – Review

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Founded in 2002, Iko Poran is a wonderful choice for travelers looking to make a positive difference for communities around the globe. With trips to Africa, Asia, and Latin America, you can get involved in children’s development, teaching, sports, community development, NGO support, and much more. Iko Poran also is fantastic for travelers on a […]

Football Coaching in Brazil

Football Coaching Volunteering Abroad

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Football coaching is great opportunity for volunteers to motivate young boys (and sometimes, girls). As a volunteer, you will help them creating team spirit, developing discipline and creativity. A basic quality of football is its simplicity: in many coutries in the world you can see children kicking the ball. Therefore, the project can easily be […]

Rescue Orphaned Monkeys in South Africa

Monkey Volunteering Abroad: Save the Vervet Monkeys in South Africa

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Rescue Orphaned Monkeys: Make part of the vervet monkeys animal conservation volunteer program in South Africa. We  need help with the integration of the foster moms of 23 little orphans back into the troops. Orphaned Vervet Monkeys from other places are given a loving home…. Join the family at this amazing primate sanctuary in South Africa. […]

Ana Nrooleyne working as a medical volunteer with the Red Cross in Rio

Working with the Red Cross in Rio – Valuable experience

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Volunteering with Iko Poran is definitely one of the most amazing experience I ever had. The organization gives you the freedom to help in your own ways. Working with kids was certainly a challenge but the support of other volunteers and people in charge of the projects make everything so much easier. Volunteering in a […]

Environmental Program in Rio de Janeiro

Environmental Program: Great Experience in Rio

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I was in Rio de Janeiro for 4 weeks helping out in the Tijuca rainforest and at the community garden in a favela. I met so many different people from all over the world and as a result, I not only learned about Brazil but many other cultures. It’s a great way to get to […]

Volunteer in Rio de Janeiro

What it’s like to be a volunteer in Rio

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From my initial inquiry about to volunteer in Rio with Iko Poran, the local Coordinator was prompt and helpful. Upon my arrival in Rio and meeting the team, I always felt that I could call on them for assistance. They gave us these great tips and tour of our local area but then basically just let us […]