Best Volunteer Programs in South America: Cheap Volunteer Trips with IKPVA

Choose from some of the best volunteer programs in South America, unique, rewarding and highly affordable! With your budget in mind, we at Iko Poran have carefully developed inexpensive and exciting projects for your volunteer trip to Latin America! Whether you travel to Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina or Ecuador, fantastic volunteer opportunities are waiting for you.

Volunteer for Free in Colombia: Teaching English at it’s Best!

You can try the volunteer project for free in Colombia and get to know this stunning country. In Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, you can participate in environmental projects, train soccer with the students of a school or teach visual arts and ballet.

If you like nature and indigenous people, try a trip to Ecuador, where you can teach children in an Andean village, or work with environmental conservation in the cloud forest. In Peru you can choose whether you want to work high in the Andean mountains in Cusco or prefer an experience in the Peruvian Amazon region near Iquitos. We offer a wide range of projects, teaching English, immersion with indigenous peoples, crèches and orphanages and even a dental stage. To close the circuit, you can travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina, take care of children, or, a favorite of our volunteers, teach soccer, in one of the greatest countries of this popular sport.

Teaching English in Colombia – Highly Affordable Volunteering!

If you are looking to volunteer for cheap, there is nothing better than a free program! Teach English in Colombia in the beautiful city of Ibagué, and explore this fascinating country!

Rio de Janeiro – Cidade Maravilhosa – An authentic trip to the wonderful city and unbelievable affordable

Iko Poran runs it’s own volunteer projects in Rio de Janeiro, and therefore is most affordable. The local staff is always available and will guide you through your volunteer experience. Nathan and Lindsey from USA, first went for a volunteer trip to Argentina and worked on a building for a community, and then to Rio, for sports volunteering.

Joshua da Silva - Sports students

Cidade De Deus: Sports Volunteering in one of Rio de Janeiro's Favelas

There are very few words I have to describe what I experienced during my time in Rio. From the crazy, ...
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Lorenz with his English Students in Rio de Janeiro

Teaching English and Planting Trees in Rio de Janeiro: Lorenz

I took part in teaching English at the Centro Social e Cultural Tatiane Lima over a 10 week period, as ...
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Lorenz Reforestation Volunteer at the Tijuca Rain Forest in Rio

Lorenz enjoys his time as a Reforestation Volunteer in Rio and teaching English

Lorenz had a wonderful time in Rio de Janeiro with the Reforestation volunteer project at the Tijuca Rain Forest and ...
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Volunteering in Peru – Fascinating Trips to the Peruvian Amazon and Machu Picchu

Go on an adventure trip as a volunteer in Peru and get to know some of the best volunteer programs in Cusco, Iquitos or Arequipa. You can choose whether you want to do volunteer work with the natives of a small village in the Peruvian Amazon or want to get to know the fascinating mountain landscape around Cusco. All Volunteer projects in Peru are very rewarding and highly affordable.

Felipe a medical volunteer in Cuzco Peru

Medical Volunteer in Cuzco: Felipe had magical moments in Peru

It was actually one of the best moments of my life, got to know a lot of the culture in ...
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Albane from France volunteering at a jungle kindergarden in Peru

Jungle Kindergarden: Albane’s Dream Like Volunteering Experience

This 6-weeks volunteering experience in Padre Cocha remain like a dream, a wonderful sharing moment for me. I was a ...
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Volunteering with down syndrome children in Cusco Peru

Albane volunteered with Down Syndrome Children in Peru

I spent 6 weeks on Cusco, in Perou, as a volunteer in a college with down syndrome children. All they ...
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Ecuador – Immersion in a Community in the Andean Cloud Forest – some of the cheapest volunteer trips!

Ming from China never will forget the smiles on the faces of the children at a school in the Equatorian Cloud Forest. She has been teaching English and enjoyed her stay with her host family. There are also environmental projects in the cloud forest available, or you dive into an experience with local arts and crafts, developing your creativity.

Organic Farming Ecuador

Organic Farming in Ecuador: Ecological Volunteer Project

Join our organic farming volunteer project in a small village of Ecuador’s Cloud Forest. During this ecological volunteer placement, you ...
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Amazon Community

Save an Amazon Community in Ecuador: The People were Beyond Amazing!

Sam and his girlfriend went to  Ecuador, to save an Amazon Community, and found the people were beyond amazing: So ...
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Ming's Experience in Ecuador

Ming’s Experience in Ecuador: The Smile I will Never Forget

 I’m writing this review based on my experience as a one month volunteer in Ecuador. I was assigned with a ...
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Argentina – Community Building, Football Coaching and more at very affordable prices!

In this last chapter, we come back to Nathan and Lindsey who started their volunteer trip in Buenos Aires. Read here about the exciting experiences. If you are into football, Argentina is the country! Coach boys and girls at school, and maybe, even discover a new Messi.

Lucy Thiess and Chakara Kan serving meals for children in Buenos Aires

Lucy and Takara serving Meals for children and families in Buenos Aires

Takara Chan and Lucy Thiess, volunteers from Australia, get their hands-on preparing and serving meals to adults and children in ...
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Adam Lese looking for a new Messi

Adam Leese, volunteer from UK, looking for a new Messi in Argentina

Adam is probably about to discover a new Messi in Buenos Aires! While he is coaching young football talents he ...
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Lindsey Willis and Nathan volunteering in Argentina

Community Development – Volunteering in Argentina and now in Brazil

My fiancé and I had an incredible experience volunteering in Argentina and now in Brazil. Our project in Buenos Aires ...
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